Weekly Recap: August 24 - August 30, 2012

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Why you should strive for an efficient financial close

financial close  

In today’s fast-moving world, companies have to juggle multiple priorities when managing their business, such as overseeing financials transactions, measuring corporate performance, attesting financial reports, timely closing and consolidating financial data.

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What to look for in a global finance system (part 2)

global finance system  

The finance department is facing mounting pressures to not only increase process efficiency but also rise to a more strategic level. A finance transformation is even more urgent when it comes to international expansion.


The main purposes of traditional budgeting

traditional budgeting  

Traditional budgeting is argued to have begun about a century ago as a method of managing costs and cash flows.

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5 necessary steps in developing corporate sustainability performance management

corporate performance management  

In recent years, the world’s interest in sustainability has skyrocketed. Not surprisingly, the issue of sustainability has moved from the periphery to the very heart of business.

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