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The changing role of CFOs: How to change the way you work

Posted by Thuy Tien Tran on

(Ho Chi Minh) – TRG Event – 8:00 am, 20 March, 2013 at New World Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

“It’s an increasingly complex world” (Accenture, 2012)

Economic turmoil and volatility is dominant and the roles of CFOs and senior finance managers are changing. CFOs are under greater scrutiny as the economy remains uncertain while regulations tighten and investors lose their confidence. Standing still isn't an option for financial professionals in a dynamic and volatile business environment. It’s critical that CFOs are able to:

  • Get onboard with the CEO as a partner as well an advisor
  • Get insight on demand and involve in the company’s broader business
  • Make their voice heard on operational and strategic issues
  • Monitor risk and assure compliance proactively
  • Accelerate business growth in today’s volatile markets

TRG is proud to organise a complementary seminar “Office of the CFO: change the way work is done” where we believe participants can find answers for:

  • Complete Financial Management: Adapt to changing business needs, eliminate manual processes, and more effectively manage supplier relationships
  • Performance Management: Reduce financial planning time by up to 70% and link plans to strategic objectives
  • Fast Close: Accelerate the complete close process, from reconciliation through consolidation to financial reporting
  • Business Insight
  • Governance, Risk and Control

Office of the cfo

This special program is designed for CFOs, Chief Accountant, CEOs, Company Directors, Finance Controllers, Head, Internal Audit and Strategic Planners and is an invitation only and limited seating seminar. Please register now as seats are filling up!

Seminar Information:

Office of the CFO: change the way work is done
Wednesday, 20 March, 2013 | New World Hotel, 76 Le Lai, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam | 8:00am to 10:30 am


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