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2013 Predictions: Proper Application Management Will Save Time, Money and Frustration (Part 1 of 2)

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In general, I’m not usually big on “predictions” for the New Year. So many of the “big ideas” the experts tell us are vague memories in April and forgotten by August. I know the experts say the 2013 color of the year is emerald green, Anne Hathaway’s on-screen haircut may have locked an Oscar nod and the Chicago Bears are going to be rebuilding their team.  What 2013 holds for the stock market, scientific discovery and new one-hit wonders, I’m not sure.

What I do know is that application management will be more of an issue for you in 2013 than ever before. Here is part one of my predictions for your application management world in 2013…

1)      Windows XP migration will be top of mind. You have an April 2014 deadline to leave XP. If you haven’t completed your migration, speed up the process by automating application testing. Eliminate the guesswork of application remediation with technology that shows you clear, appropriate application remediation options. If you haven’t started a project, you must develop a solid plan. Start with this Windows migration checklist and a conversation with an AppDNA expert.

2)      Budgets will be scrutinized more than ever. The news is full of financial troubles, from the strength of the Euro to the US fiscal cliff. Make the most of the budget you have today. Compare the cost of your manual application preparation processes against the investment in automating application testing, remediation and virtualization with this AppDNA application migration ROI calculator.  The end result is a nifty report you can take to your next budget meeting to show your preparation for 2013 cost savings.

3)      New regulations are going to drive mergers and acquisitions in the financial services world. (If you’re not working in financial services, you’re still interested in this topic because your bank may be changing this year!) Merging bank assets, including applications and the people who need to access applications, can be tricky. AppDNA software models “what if” scenarios using the actual applications from both firms, their custom OS image or virtualization profiles, plus integrates user information (departments, regions, offices).

4)      Mobility will drive the need for anytime, anywhere application access. By the end of 2013, how many devices will you need to support? PCs, tablets, mini-tablets, phones, ultrabooks + “the next big announcement.” Deliver applications virtually and reduce the “is it supported?” questions. Speed application testing and virtual application preparation to ensure you’re delivering apps to users in the way they expect.

5)      Millennials will push expectations. Are you working with Millennials on a day-to-day basis yet? They’ve always had an iPhone, used the internet for research and expected instant access. They work when and where they want. They’re always connected. They vocalize their feedback –positive and negative. If you’re not providing them 24×7 uptime to do their work, you’re not helping them succeed. You’ll hear about it, quickly, and so will your manager. Plan to deliver their mission critical applications seamlessly in physical and virtual environments. With AppDNA software, you can model delivery options to ensure you’re not the subject of their latest review.

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