TRG brought the Office of the CFO concept to Hanoi at seminar

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Hanoi – May 20th 2013 – The Office of the CFO concept, which encapsulates current challenges as well as solutions for CFOs and the finance function, was introduced for the first time in Hanoi by TRG.  

The event “Office of the CFO: Change the way work is done” organised by TRG, with CIMA, Infor as sponsors and Webketoan as the media sponsor, took place on May 16th at Hanoi Hilton hotel. Around 80 CFOs, CEOs, chief accountants, high level managers and senior staff from 70 companies attended the event.

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With decades of experience in management, finance and technology, three speakers took turn to share their specialist knowledge and insights. They were Rick Yvanovich FCMA CGMA FCPA (Aust) – TRG’s CEO, Pham Hong Thai– TRG’s Deputy General Manager, and Eric Lee – Regional Vice President, Financial Solutions Group - ASEAN & India, Infor Corp. During the one and a half hour presentation, attendees learned about:

  • The Office of the CFO concept: Evolving roles of the CFO; combination of analytics, process automation, collaboration; the ability to work the way you live
  • Complete Financial Management: Adapt to changing business needs, grow in any market, and get the information you need even before you need it
  • Performance Management: A robust business model, the 4 Rs theory and the importance of a performance management system

This was the first time TRG had organised an event on the Office of the CFO concept in Hanoi, and the feedback from attendees was very positive. Dong Nguyen – Finance Manager of Ciputra Hanoi Club House - said: “I’ve been to many large finance seminars and heard many foreign speakers; but I was particularly impressed with Rick Yvanovich’s presentation. What he shared was very useful for my daily management activities. The way he conveyed the issues and delivered the message was also captivating. I really hope TRG will continue organising seminars like this in the future”.

Rick Yvanovich, TRG’s CEO, said: “The world is changing day by day and it is imperative that businesses keep pace while still being able to focus on their core. We hope that companies will take a proactive approach and embrace change rather than adopting a piecemeal approach or avoiding it altogether. Thus, we’ll do whatever we can to advise, suggest and help businesses to control, adapt and grow in this increasingly competitive environment”.

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