6 Business Benefits Of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing (or simply 'the cloud' ) is a popular phrase used mainly to describe all the different computing concepts, which include a great number of computers, connected through a real-time communication (like Internet). It is all about sharing resources! Cloud computing has a great number of benefits for your business as it increases the  efficiency of the resources shared and significantly improves your cash flow. So here is a short list of reasons why you should move your business to the cloud.

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Cloud computing allows you to work from anywhere.

This is one of the first advantages of cloud computing. It allows employees to be flexible when it comes to work practices. Also, it gives you the opportunity to connect and access your data through a virtual office even if you are at home.

Getting the latest updates is a piece of cake

Software updates are released at least a few times a year. They are absolutely free and give you the opportunity to be up-to-date with the latest improvements and business demands.  


Very often people tend to store their sensitive information on tablets, smartphones and laptops. However, this is not always the best solution, since there is always a risk for the machine to get lost (or worse – stolen). Cloud computing allows you to control your data even if something bad happens to your computer device.

Disaster recovery

Very often, small business owners need to create a complex disaster recovery plan. Cloud computing can take care of this and save you a lot of time and efforts.

Environmentally friendly

At last but not at least, using cloud computing services is a great way to reduce the waste of energy as well as carbon emissions. Especially for smaller companies, where this cut can reach up to 90%.  

Cloud computing can be public or private.

A private cloud is in fact what we were talking about in this article. It supplies hosted services to a certain number of people, usually a business company. The second one is the so-called public cloud, which sell services to web users.

It is a very interesting fact that almost 30% of small business owners still associate the concept of cloud computing with... the weather! As we already mentioned, some of its main advantages are its flexibility, failures protection and reduced costs. So if you have decided to include cloud computing in your business strategy, you will have to get aware of the few steps, that will help you do that. For example, you will have to make an analysis of your long-term business needs and demands. Considering your current and future business needs is the first and the most important step, that will put the beginning to moving your business to the cloud!

During the recent years plenty has been written on cloud computing services and their business benefits. We tried to select some of the most important ones and prove that cloud computing is really worth you attention. It is far more secure than the traditional computing. Cloud computing allows your business to take advantage of the big opportunities, tools and techniques, which were considered as available only for the biggest companies.


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Connie Jameson is passionate blogger and writer keen on topics about technology and business. She currently works in the support team of http://callcleaners.co.uk/professional-cleaners-london and she loves her job because she learns new things every day.


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