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Profiles International and TRG Created Opportunity for University Students to Have Access to Leadership through giving “Leadership Charisma” Books

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On August 2014, Profiles International and TRG proudly introduced an event of giving books to local public universities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with the aim of introducing the great aspects of leadership through the book “Leadership Charisma”, co-authored by Profiles International and TRG to the local universities. This event was also a precious opportunity for university students to reach the leadership knowledge from one of the leading professional service firms in developing high-qualified workforces through human resources solutions.

So far the giveaway event has been conducted throughout 4 universities, starting with HCMC University of Social Science and Humanities, in which TRG and Profiles International had an intimate meeting with Ms. Bui Thu Hang - Deputy Director of Library in University of Social Science and Humanities and delivered 5 exclusive books that were translated and published by the company namely “Leadership Charisma”. Followed this event, during August, the two companies continued to build strong relationship and connection with local public universities by visiting and giving books to Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Huong- Library Director in HCMC University of Technology; Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thao - Library Director in Saigon University of Technology; along with Mr. Nguyen Van Toan - Head of Student Affairs and Mr. Le Van Ngoc - Library Director in HCMC University of Information Technology.

    University of Social Science and Humanities   Saigon University of Engineering and Technology

By delivering “Leadership Charisma” books to these universities, the purpose of this event was clarified as to inspire and let students have access to precious knowledge about leadership. As the position of market-leading company providing human resources solutions, Profiles International recognized the importance of leadership for any graduates in the working environment; therefore the delivered books would remain a significant role in communicating the message of improving leadership through the knowledge transferred in the given books translated by TRG.


HCMC University of Technology

The event received positive feedbacks from both universities and their students. Mr. Nguyen Van Toan - Head of Student Affairs in HCMC University of Information Technology, stated that the message underlying the donation event was meaningful as Profiles International and TRG not only brought valuable knowledge to the students, recommended them to read and discover more potential in leadership but also helped open his own mind. He was impressed with the content of the book created by Profiles International and TRG, such as the tips of building personal hooks and attraction, thus adjust their own strength and attraction and build characteristics of a leader. The knowledge in “Leadership Charisma” has opened and provided knowledge of leadership not only for students but also for the directors and academic executives in the four public universities.


HCMC University of Information Technology

After successfully conducting the event, Profiles International, with the cooperation of TRG, would like to continue delivering more valuable books to more local public universities in short-period of time with the purpose of sharing more access to students about the exploration of leadership and how to maximize its effectiveness with the proper use of leadership skills.

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