Gone are CFOs’ Communication Breakdowns

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Mastering different personality elements can help you to connect personally and more importantly, break down assumptions about how people should be treated. Such recognition can trigger a huge beneficial change in a business environment – if you know how to make it happen.business chemistry and CFOs' communication breakdowns

CFOs’ Communication: One-on-one basis

However troublesome personal relationships are, they partly decide how effectively an organisation operates. To weed out the nuisance from CFOs’ daily concerns, Deloitte CFO Insights (2013) also advised how each element should be attended to.

When interacting with Drivers, you should:

  • Keep your composure and behave casually
  • Be brief and directly to the point
  • Give Drivers respect and recognition of their achievements and abilities
  • Be assertive and fight for your perspectives
  • Take advantage of their leadership nature by encouraging them to lead events or take initiative

Regarding Pioneers, you should:

  • Be as lively, energetic and optimistic
  • Consider their ideas, use their creativity and develop their talents
  • Talk about freedom and adventure
  • Wake up - Be bold
  • Emphasise on imaginative materials
  • Let them be in the spotlight

When communicating with Integrators, don’t forget to:

  • Be sensitive and sincere
  • Listen with your ears – eyes – and heart
  • Make eye contact
  • Think contextually and long term
  • Balance ideas with emotions
  • Offer support
  • Mention people factor

Dealing with the Guardians, remember to:

  • Give ascertained information, avoid anything vague
  • Keep your composure and stay calm
  • Plan things ahead and follow them
  • Details please!
  • Get ready for questions
  • Be aware of risks and how to minimise them

The bullet points above are now your secret recipe to ease up individual discrepancies. Working well on your one-on-one relationships is the second phase of the “communication perfection” process. You will see for yourself how practical it is when teaming up later!

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