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Chemistry Fills Team Communication Gaps for CFOs

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business chemistry and communication gaps 

Understanding different elements in Business Chemistry (Deloitte CFO Insights, 2013), CFOs can gain advantage in personal relationships. However, this is just a foundation step in workplace communication. Our ultimate goal is to optimise it to enhance team structure.

One-on-multiple basis

Generally, senior staff direct their team based on either their inborn ability or experience, which can cause performance inconsistency. To fill the gap, we should first do a team analysis. Questions to be considered include:

  • What are my team elements?
  • How can I make use of those elements to promote team coordination and, on a broader context, organisational engagement?

Or when facing a particular job, CFOs should start with:

  • What elements does this job require? Which one does my team already have?
  • Is each member’s element compatible with his/her duties?
  • How does each element evaluate the job process?

Now that you have already had your team profile at hand, you should show your team members the blind spots each individual can’t see and provide them with covers. Also, avoid assigning somebody tasks in their weaknesses.

Having Drivers on the team, you should:

  • Make them discuss problems thoroughly with others before deciding
  • Ask them to listen and think about others’ viewpoints
  • Don’t let them take on too much work.
  • Save them from diplomatic tasks
  • Train them about tact and diplomacy in leadership

Regarding Pioneers, remember to:

  • Present details they ignore
  • Constantly remind them of deadlines and subtle implications of actions
  • Assign them creative tasks rather than repeated ones
  • Train them about time management

Covers for Integrators include:

  • Help them to prioritise their tasks
  • Give them specific deadlines and frequent reminds
  • Steer them away from people conflicts sometimes
  • Train them about time management

Guardians work best when you:

  • Tell them to explore other sources of information, especially social ones
  • Explain how necessary and useful changes are, using proven facts and illustrations
  • Engage them in planning phases, especially risk management
  • Encourage them to meetings and brainstorming sessions to be more open-minded

In addition to providing covers, CFOs should arrange constant training sessions with instructors specialising in teamwork. Periodically measuring team performance can help identify then improve team weaknesses, too.

Applying personality elements in team management is the last phase. By completing the whole “communication perfection” process, CFOs can sure gain better alignment, stronger engagement, deeper understanding of perceptions and greater credibility within their role.

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