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TRG joined AmCham Blood Donation Day the 2nd time in 2013

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Ho Chi Minh – August 2013 – The 10th anniversary of World Blood Donation Day, hosted by AmCham Vietnam on 2nd August 2013, attracted hundreds of people from large corporations in Ho Chi Minh City.  This is the second time TRG attended Amcham Blood donation day in 2013. By joining this event, we wish to lend a hand in helping the society save lives.Give the gift of life

It is reported that, over the last 10 years, Vietnam’s total blood donation rose from 268,394 to 910,000 blood units (equals 1% of the total population) in 2012 and it continues to rise in 2013.The amount received meets more than 50% of national demand and the qualified blood collected from the donors reach 88%. Looking forward to the end of 2013, the nation hopes to receive more than 1 million blood units from the donors and TRG will continues to strongly support this event so to contribute to the success of the national plan.

According to Mr. Rick Yvanovich, TRG’s CEO, TRG is proud to be one of the blood donors for the campaign to help increase safe blood units for patients in need and saving lives. We believe that this is the most precious gift of life to give to our society, as each individual is one valuable resource that we need to support with both hands.

Video clips of AmCham World Blood Donor Day 2013 broadcasted on HTV9


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