How to Turn Budgeting into a Value-Adding Process

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In today’s complex and rapidly changing business climate, there is an increased demand for top management to better observe, measure, and manage their business. Planning and budgeting plays an important role in enterprise performance management. However, in many organisations, planning and budgeting is not seen as adding value since:

How to Turn Budgeting into a Value-Added Process

  • The associated tasks are resource-extensive
  • The process is disconnected from corporate goals and strategy
  • The process is not agile enough to accommodate change

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Making Budgeting a Value-Adding Process

There are many solutions in the market supposed to make life easier but some of them tend to make the planning and budgeting process even harder either because of poor functionality or poor implementation/support services.

With Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM), you will not have to be out of breath after “running” through the planning and budgeting cycle again, since the software brings you:


This Planning and Budgeting tool helps the organisation free up time for strategic decision-making rather than paper-pushing by streamlining basic processes, automating manual tasks, reducing close and publish times. Changes made are also immediately replicated throughout the system.


The software’s built-in calculations ensure the accuracy of your organisation-wide budget, such as indicating whether a number should be treated as financial or non-financial, translating multiple currencies, allocating portions of the budget to business units etc.

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Infor d/EPM provides clients with different types of budgets and plans, such as zero-based, historical-based and rolling. Moreover, it also allows to comprehensively model your business and perform real-time “what if” scenario planning. The software can recalculate the entire model when you change a business assumption.


Infor d/EPM enables collaboration through web-based access to plans and data in the central data repository. The central communication portal and guided workflow capabilities also facilitate the collaborative planning & budgeting exercise enterprise-wide.


Management can monitor company-wide budget submissions and approvals from anywhere at anytime, and enforce budget rules and timelines. More importantly, they can easily view the impacts of key performance drivers on financial objectives, linking their plan and budget to the corporate strategy.

Vendor support and vision

Last but not least, in addition to key functionality and system structure, the capabilities of the vendor providing Infor d/EPM also have a big impact on its ability to deliver long-term value.

Infor d/EPM was brought to Vietnam and localised by TRG International, a Vietnam-based vendor that has more than 20 years of proven implementation services. We have the resources and expertise to support your business whatever direction it may take:

  • Consultants that can understand your business and requirements
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Thousands of happy customers all over the world
  • Dedicated support provided by real people

Dana-Faber, an organisation that has been committed to providing adults and children with cancer best treatment through cutting-edge research, stated their satisfaction after using Infor d/EPM:

We've shaved off two months from our budget process—from five months to a tight three months - Dana-Farber - Cancer Institute, U.S.

Find out more about this case study: How has Dana-Farber shortened their budget cycle by 40 per cent?


You have to see it to believe it. Let us show you how seamlessly Infor d/EPM works now!

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