Understanding Virtualisation Technology

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Virtualisation technology is becoming one of the hottest trends, especially desktop virtualisation. More and more managers take this issue into serious consideration and are thinking about choosing a desktop virtualisation platform for their companies.

To create an effective desktop virtualisation strategy, companies should start by evaluating the types of workers they have and defining their priorities for flexibility, agility, mobility, ease of management, cost, user experience and security. An ideal strategy may incorporate several different desktop and application delivery models to meet the needs of all of the workers in the company’s environment.

virtualisation technology

At a high level, a virtualisation strategy will depend on one or more these service types:

  • Server-based virtual desktops: Server-based virtual desktop virtualisation solutions allow the execution of an environment at one place and presentation of that environment or user interface at a different location. Normally, this approach requires additional server infrastructure.
  • Client-side virtual desktops: Unlike server-based virtual desktops, this approach reduces the need for additional server investments. It takes advantage of machine virtualisation technology to deliver virtual desktop.
  • On-demand applications: This centralised single-instance management approach enables you to create a single application image in the datacentre, and then deliver it in multiple ways to any number of devices.
With desktop virtualisation, one size does not fit all, find out more in the full white paper “Citrix XenDesktop: Desktop Virtualisation for All”.

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