Yesterday I started sharing my 2013 predictions for application management. This year will be one of change due to Windows XP migration, virtualization taking center stage and cloud discussions moving more on the corporate agenda. Delivering applications to end users is the goal in each of those scenarios. Doing it well will mean great rewards for you in 2013- especially in terms of saving time, money and stress.

Here is part two of my predictions for your application management world in 2013…

6)      Weather will continue to be a big story. Floods, hurricanes, blizzards – they all affect how employees get work done. Virtualization is again key here- allowing people to work no matter where their location. Test apps in advance of disaster – be sure mission critical work apps can be accessed on virtual desktops.

7)      Workshifting! Unless you’re physically touching in-house hardware, like unplugging a machine, or have a very restrictive management team, you’ll workshift more in 2013. With a virtual desktop, you can work from the coziness of your home, the coffeeshop or the (non-cozy) airport.  Know which apps can be delivered virtually and ensure your team can work remote. (Bonus – see the Postcards from Inspiration’s Edge photo contest)

8)      Your world is a more global world. Through Facebook, I can see when two Midwestern college friends meet up for dinner in Hong Kong, a friend takes an African dance class in Madrid and a cousin runs a marathon in Istanbul. The same is true for your work world- team members are on every continent. The California engineer and the India contractor need to access the same engineering application – and both can access it best with a virtual desktop. Test application compatibility of in-house developed applications just the same as commercial applications with AppDNA software.

9)      Superbugs will continue to cause illness. Whether it’s a flu breakout in your office or at your daycare, no one wants to share germs. Keep your kids’ germs at home by working out of your house. Keep your coworkers’ germs away from you by staying at home when they insist on bringing their “somewhat contagious” outbreak to work. Again, the virtual desktop is better at preventing disease than any zinc, orange juice or wonder drug regimen. Automate application testing, remediation and virtualization for delivery on virtual desktops.

10)      You want more zen in 2013. Are you frustrated repeating the same processes over and over again, looking for the one fix that will solve a problem? AppDNA can be the answer key to help you. Let AppDNA software automatically test batches of applications, multiple OS instances or virtual configurations – and show you best options, all in much less time than manual testing.

Get started on your 2013 list. Download the AppDNA software trial and see how to speed your application testing, remediation and virtual app preparation.