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IQ (Intelligence Quotient) gets you hired, EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) gets you promoted.

We might admire some of the geniuses in our classes during our childhood. Those kids surely received tons of compliments from teachers and classmates. What such a great life it was to be good at studying, then to get a dream job and to be on top whack. We probably have the same mindset upon scrutinizing the intelligent people throughout our lives. “They will be successful”, the one thing we can mumble to ourselves.

Nevertheless, a study indicated that IQ only occupied 10% (at most 25%) in the formula for success; meanwhile, EQ filled up the rest (90% to 75%). Therefore, EQ, which is also well-known as Emotional Intelligence, is the golden rule to succeed. With the fast-paced lifestyle we have nowadays, alliances and a broad relationship are the two crucial factors we should have to get needed things solved swiftly.


People with high EQ are able to manage their emotions efficiently, and understand the others’ emotion; on top of that, their ability to flexibly adjust to new situation and environment is amazing. They know how to acquaint and to be in harmony with the others to seek the help upon needing, which brings them a good deal on co-operation, rather than working alone like a “lonesome genius”.

EQ is innate to some individuals; however, it is also a trainable skill. Google is a typical example for the flourish of Emotional Intelligence training. More than 1,000 Google’s employees have taken the EQ class, and there is a long waiting list for this course, four times a year.

IQ might get you hired, but EQ is the golden rule to take you to higher positions; and more than that, it is the positive mindset which you should pursue to enjoy your life while working as the way you would like it to be.


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