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5 Frequent Causes of Employee Turnover

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The days of marriage lasting forever and the days of an employee working at one company forever are long gone. Let’s face it; it is uncommon for an employee to remain at one company for more than 5 years. Although companies cannot prevent employee turnover, they can take steps to reduce their turnover rate and increase employee tenure. So, why do employees choose to end the relationship and voluntarily leave a company?

5 Frequent Causes of Employee Turnover

5 reasons why people leave their jobs

Here are the 5 most frequently given reasons people give for changing jobs:

1. Boredom

Today’s employees want to develop themselves to be the best they can be. They want to expand and polish their skills, abilities, and experience. Employees who feel limited and stifled get bored and will eventually start looking outside the organisation to fulfill their development needs.

2. Inadequate Salary and Benefits

Employees expect to be paid market rate, and if they feel that they are being under paid, by industry comparison, then they will start looking for employment elsewhere. Also, benefits are extremely important. Lack of benefits or sub-par benefits can drive an employee away.

3. Lack of Recognition

Not only do employees want to be monetarily compensated for the job they are doing, they also want to be recognised when they are doing that job well. When an employee starts to feel like their efforts are going unnoticed they will either become less productive or move on to another company where they can receive more recognition.

4. Limited Advancement Opportunities

Whether it is professional or personal advancement opportunities, many leave their job because they feel that they are not getting sufficient advancement in their current position. After being overlooked for a period of time, an employee feels unappreciated and will, more likely than not, start looking for a new job.

5. Unhappy With Management

As the saying goes, “People leave people, not jobs.” The employee-manager relationship is one of, if not the most, important relationships within an organisation. Employees can’t seem to find the door fast enough when they have to deal with poor management.

Just like with all relationship issues, you must know the cause of the issue before you can come up with a solution. Knowing the causes of employee turnover is necessary if a company wants to develop a strategy that will entice employees to stay long-term. 

Have you quit a job because of one of these reasons? What are other reasons that an employee might voluntarily leave their job? Let us show you how assessment tools help you to reduce the turover and fit the right people into the right job.

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