An Overview of Infor EPM (Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management)

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Infor EPM is a fully integrated solution suite that is capable of automating your business’ financial management process, thereby eliminating the use of spreadsheets. It layers world-class in-context business intelligence, financial performance management, and risk and compliance monitoring, empowering you to drive your business performance more effectively.

An Overview of Infor d/EPM (Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management)

Did you know, a financial professional spends 70% of their time on collecting and validating data, and the lack of collaboration and visibility has turned forecasting and budgeting into an "educated guessing game." 

Stop wasting your time or repeating the same old mistakes! Infor EPM can enhance your competitive advantage and prepare you to face market complexity head-on. This could be the only financial performance management software you ever need. Let's explore how this robust and agile platform can help your organisation to thrive. 

What is Infor EPM?

Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor EPM) is a performance management platform specifically designed to improve operational performance. 

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This product suite unites Infor's two next-generation platforms - Infor Business Intelligence and Infor Enterprise Performance Management, to address the "hottest" concerns in businesses today, mainly collaboration, mobility, cloud, and big data

Why do organisations need enterprise performance management software like Infor EPM? Simply put, you can handle all the complex activities associated with planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting in addition to consolidating and finalising financial performance using one single solution – Infor EPM.  

This next-generation platform combines Business Intelligence, analytics, forecasting, and risk assessment with Financial Performance solutions, thus, providing you with a holistic view of your business' performance. 

The product suite measures both past and current performance, while at the same time, predicting future activities. Leveraging insights obtained from Infor EPM, you now have in your hands the power to make more informed decisions that drive growth. 

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How can Infor EPM help improve your business' performance? 

With in-memory analytics, Infor EPM collects real-time data from your source applications and translates it into business insights through a fully integrated solution suite using a common user interface. Each time you make a change, from modifying an order to changing an inventory status, information is updated automatically. 

By integrating siloed operational and financial data into a single source, Infor EPM can help you to better manage financial performance and risk, and ensure that your business decisions are based on the most accurate data and reflect a complete view of your enterprise. 

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Unique capabilities 

  • Deep analytics 

With Infor EPM, you will be able to turn insights into a competitive advantage and promote collaboration across your business, thus, enabling you to make decisions collaboratively instead of in siloes. 

Furthermore, the system leverages predictive analytics combined with compliance tools to increase the accuracy of your strategic, tactical, and operational plan.  

You are also able to monitor and review the performance while on the go - while visiting clients, discussing with workers down at the warehouse, or while attending a trade show, via any mobile device of your choice. 

Financial performance management 

Infor EPM is an agile platform that allows you to monitor your actual performance against your strategic goals in addition to helping you to consolidate your holdings to create a more complete financial report. 

  • Budgeting and planning - Designed to recognise repetitive planning processes, Infor EPM helps to improve the time spent on budgeting. The solution also allows you to create discipline and flexibility through task management, decision packages, workflows, and versioning capabilities, freeing up your valuable time to focus on more mission-critical tasks. 
  • Financial consolidation - If you are a company with multiple subsidiaries and need support in combining financial data from several subsidiaries within an organisation to create an accurate report on the company’s performance, then Infor EPM is the right solution for you. This system consolidates multiple sets of reports quickly and seamlessly from each of your legal entities and generates a single set of financial statements to be sent accurately to all stakeholders. 
  • Strategy management - Map out strategic goals, tie them to tactical plans, monitor progress toward your goals, and take action. You will always need the best strategy to outstretch your company's capabilities and reach, Infor EPM provides a user-friendly system that enables the user to gain a strong competitive advantage, empower your employee’s organisation, and keep pace with changes in global markets. A functioning company always have successful ways to meet its goals. 

Risk and compliance 

When combining Infor EPM and Infor Risk and Compliance, you have in your hands one of the most extensive toolsets that empower users to gain a holistic view of data and user access across multiple business units. 

The ability to proactively and automatically monitor performance and compliance helps you to mitigate breaches in security, violations as well as fraud, thus, promoting consistent compliance and reinforcing regulations and requirements across the entire organisation. 

Integration with ERP systems 

Thinking of transforming your current ERP solution to a whole new level? Infor EPM can also be integrated with ERP systems to further enhance the overall accuracy and actionability of your daily inventory and resource management decisions based on real-time, quality data. 

Innovative user experience 

Infor EPM is a powerful system with a beautiful design that enables you and your staff to gain access to financial performance at any time, anywhere. Acquire one single version of the truth and make informed business decisions with an engaging, innovative user experience. 

Say goodbye to budget spreadsheets, cut report generation time, and use forecasting to drive smarter business decisions with Infor EPM.

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