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CIMA Code of Ethics for Management Accountants

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As chartered management accountants, CIMA members throughout the world have a duty to observe the highest standards of conduct and integrity, and to uphold the good standing and reputation of the profession.

They must also refrain from any conduct which might discredit the profession. Members and registered students must have regard to these guidelines irrespective of their field of activity, of their contract of employment or of any other professional memberships they may hold.

CIMA code of ethics

The CIMA code of ethics is based on the IFAC handbook of the code of ethics for professional accountants, from the International Ethics Standards Board of Accountants (IESBA).
cima cgma ethics management accountant

The CIMA code of ethics is made up of five fundamental principles: integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, professional competence and due care and professional behaviour:

Integrity: being straightforward, honest and truthful in all professional and business relationships. You should not be associated with any information that you believe contains a materially false or misleading statement, or which is misleading by omission.

Objectivity: not allowing bias, conflict of interest or the influence of other people to override your professional judgement.

Professional competence and due care: an ongoing commitment to your level of professional knowledge and skill. Base this on current developments in practice, legislation and techniques. Those working under your authority must also have the appropriate training and supervision.

Confidentiality: You should not disclose professional information unless you have specific permission or a legal or professional duty to do so.

Professional behaviour: comply with relevant laws and regulations. You must also avoid any action that could negatively affect the reputation of the profession.

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CIMA ethics in three minutes

This animation explains the code and what you need to do when facing an ethical dilemma.

You can download the Cima Code of Ethics in the link below. Further information about Ethics as well as CIMA's full Code can be found at "CIMA Code of Ethics for professional accountants"



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