Weekly Recap: September 7 - September 13, 2012

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Here is a quick summary of articles on TRG International blog this week!

Hurdles to a fast, effective financial consolidation process

financial consolidation  

Pressures from both within and outside of organisations are preventing them from achieving an efficient financial close.

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What to look for in a global finance system (part 3)

global finance system  

Organisations that seek globalisation inherently face the challenge of managing their business operations in various locations. Hence, visibility into overall financial data and performance is of utmost importance.

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Traditional budgeting approach: advantages and disadvantages

traditional budgeting  

Among the most fervent opponents of a traditional budgeting approach are supporters of the Beyond Budgeting movement, who have listed several drawbacks of traditional budgeting.

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The link between sustainability management and business financial management

business financial management  

More and more companies are coming to realise that sustainability performance management (SPM) can create and protect their businesses’ long-term value. Thus, defining the link between sustainability and business performance becomes critical in business management, especially in financial aspects. Sustainability can boost both top and bottom line performance and strengthen the balance sheet.

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