Cloud Business Intelligence in eCommerce: a Case study

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Cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) is the future. And one of the first BI vendors to capitalise on this trend is Birst - "the only enterprise BI platform in the cloud." This article will provide you with a case study of how drives their business forward with Birst’s cloud BI system.

Birst’s Cloud BI system: A case study needs better analytics for faster decision making

Prior to Birst, had over 40 employees using SQL on a regular basis. However, most of them had never had any experience with SQL prior to working for As such, it was really important that could provide a tool that would give their technical employees a quicker access to the needed information, enable them to spend less time gathering and formatting data, and more time on analysing it, making decisions and taking actions that drive the business forward.

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After comparing a number of BI solutions, decided that Birst was suited to meet the organisation’s needs.

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By using Birst’s BI platform to combine and analyse the customer-related data, has been able to extend their customer lifetime value, reduce customer acquisition costs, and focus more on profitable customers for better overall results.

More specifically, uses the Cloud BI from Birst to create a single source of the customer insight by combining customer web analytics with other important customer data from various sources.

With this insight, can increase revenue by investing more in channels and activities that bring the most profitability. Brandon Proctor, Vice CMO of, said: “The new actionable insights we gain will enable us to propel our growth at an even faster rate, while maintaining efficiency and, ultimately, profitability.”

Birst’s Cloud BI can also boost the customers’ online experiences by analysing and then predicting the propensity to buy of a customer for a specific recommendation. From there, is able to recommend products more precisely, in both type and time terms.

Therefore, they can reduce customer touch points before purchasing, and decrease their customer acquisition costs. Besides, the customer interactions likely lead to additional purchases can be better understood so that the lifecycle of’s targeted customers can be expanded.

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In addition, Birst helps to automate the reporting and analysis of organisational performance. With access to a unified source of information and intuitive online dashboards, is gaining more transparent and consistent internal insight.

Birst’s Cloud BI system: A case study

Building distinct advantages with Birst

“Birst is providing us a distinct advantage across the marketplace. With Birst, we’re increasing efficiencies, decreasing costs, making better decisions, and improving employee productivity,” as stated by Brandon.

Matt Volk, Birst’s Administrator at, stated: “Birst’s provided us faster insight which has allowed us to optimise certain revenue channels and areas of our business. On the whole, Birst was able to deliver on our requirements while others were not. So, here we are, one year later, many iterations later, and we’ve got over 100 employees and Birst, and we’re seeing the value on a daily basis.”


As a subsidiary of Ferguson plc, is an online home improvement retailer with the headquarter in Chico, California. Their products are lighting hardware, appliances and other supplies for bathroom and kitchen. began as an Internet start-up selling plumbing supplies in 2000. Christian Friedland and David Boctor, the enterprise’s founders, created a browse-able online retail website to sell faucets. The website’s previous name was and eventually was renamed to Since then, they have branched out to a lot more categories including lighting, HVAC, hardwood flooring install services and more. has around 600 employees (figure at January 2018). Since 2007, has been named in the Internet Retailer Magazine’s annual Top 500 List of online retailers. Now, the enterprise is in top 80 Internet retailer specialising in the home improvement industry.

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About Birst

Birst is a cloud-based BI platform that provides analysing, exploring, and visualising Big Data tools for businesses. Founded in 2004, Birst is a global leader in cloud BI and analytics. In 2015, Birst was placed among the top vendors for Centralised BI Provisioning and OEM/Embedded BI in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for BI and Analytics Platforms Report.

Birst is also a partner of many technology giants like Amazon, SAP, Microsoft, etc. Birst technology provides many services with the specialities of Self-service BI, Data warehouse Automation, Agile Business Analytics, Dashboards, Reports, In-memory Analytics, Ad Hoc Reporting, Sales Analytics, Finance, Wealth Management, Insurance and Cloud Business Intelligence.

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