[Infographic] Hospitality trends to look for in 2017

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These are the lifestyle trends that will be shaping the hospitality industry in the next 12 months, according to Muriel Muirden, a renowned hotel designer and trend forecaster.

Hospitality trends to look for in 2017

Getting tired of having to constantly check your smartphone for messages and social media feeds? You are hardly alone. Travellers are increasingly seeking wilderness experiences in un-trespassed places for a total “disconnection”. Rustic resorts that offer tons of outdoors activities are among those predicted to thrive.

The obsession with healthy eating continues to grow. Edible resorts with micro-gardens and those actively engage with local farming communities are on the rise.

Pursuing a healthier lifestyle is not limited to eating healthy though. Hotels and resorts are still slow to adapt to recent trends in fitness. Most of their fitness facilities remain unchanged. A few early adopters, however, are teaming up with fitness companies to modernise their in-hotel fitness offerings.Download whitepaper "Perfecting Revenue Optimisation For Hotel Chains With Analytics" here

The hospitality industry has been applying technology and science to deliver a more personalised guest service. In 2017, the priority is going back to the very basic purpose of hotels: providing a good night’s sleep. There is a multitude of promising solutions, from sleep apps and wearable to bedroom design and ambiance lighting.

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More choices used to be equal to better services. Things have changed. Decision fatigue, which is caused by having to make too many decisions, is a hallmark of modern life. Therefore, people are preaching the minimalist lifestyle. Single ingredient menus, decluttered rooms are increasingly popular hospitality trends.

Living an adult life in today’s world can truly be tiring for younger generations. Millennials talk about ‘adulting’ and want to take a break from it. Summer camps for young professionals that help them escape the pressures of grown-up life are expected to become even more popular in 2017.

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