How to manage the troublemakers in the organisation?

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In our previous post, TRG Talent team has listed 7 most common types of “difficult” employees who bring about various trouble to the team and the organisation. You may not be able to rid yourself of the problems that these problematic employees bring, but fear not as there are different methods of how you can approach and come up with a solution for the problem.

7 types of difficult employees

Effectively managing difficult employees in your team

Remain calm and clearly observe the situation

Pause for a moment and take your time to note down the stories from all parties that involved, from different angles, rather than just assume things from a single perspective. Based on the observations and data collected, you can now derive a plan for behavioural correction by coaching, counselling, training or discipline.

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Sometimes, all it takes is someone who’s willing to listen. By simply listening, you may discover the roots of the problem that you may not even aware of. A usually cool-headed staff suddenly acts strangely, easily loses his/her temper might be a sign of stress or affected by other issues in life.

Provide frequent and consistent feedback

Though this can be tough to do at times but definitely is an effective solution. Set a standard for your feedback, hold on to it, and make it clear to the employees that you mean it. This approach does two things:

(1) Lowers the other person’s defensiveness, and

(2) Gives them the specific information they need in order to improve.

Give out warnings and set consequences

If the worst-case scenario does come (termination), consult with HR department to ensure that your actions are in accordance with the company’s policies. Nobody likes to be fired but when the time comes, do it right, don’t make excuses, don’t ignore it, and most importantly, don’t ask someone else to do it for you.

Using personality assessment tool might assist you in collecting useful information about the behavioural tendencies of the employees, which helps predict their reaction to different issues as well as identify an effective solution.

But above all, ensure the precision of the information and the fairness in your action. Don’t talk behind your employee’s back, don’t trash-talk. This will just enrage them more and create a polluted, unprofessional environment and in turns can affect everyone in the organisation.

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