[Infographic] The Pros and Cons of Pre-hire Assessments

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Along with the rapid change of the business world, recruitment becomes more and more complicated. Apart from the traditional job interview, nowadays, there are some other modern alternatives that are worth trying. One of them is the pre-hire assessments.

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Although there are several forms for pre-hire assessments, the most common one is online tests, which include many kinds of questionnaires and marking systems for candidates to fulfil.

However, many employers are blinded by the convenience and benefits of online testing that they forget the fact that everything has two sides, and there are definitely some risks to consider about these tests.

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To help you decide if pre-employment assessment online tests are right for your company, here are some pros and cons:


The hiring managers should keep these benefits and drawbacks in mind while considering an online pre-hire assessment. Pick the right one and it can help you to find the right candidates, but choose it wrongly, it means disasters.

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