[Infographic] Are You a Traditional or Collaborative Leader?

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In every industry and business, there’s a changing pace towards a more modern, collaborative way of working. To generate and encourage innovation, organisations have to retain and develop their internal talents. This leads to the traditional hierarchical management style being slowly replaced by a more collaborative approach that unites the workforce with the purpose to achieve one mutual goal.

Collaborative leaders make the final decision, but their approach is more open; new ideas and contribution from employees are always welcomed and valued. Terms like: brainstorming, ‘crowd sourcing’, team building and training with the help from emerging technologies are the new methods of working, plus they are blurring the role of traditional leadership.

Traditional vs. Collaborative Leadership 

To identify your style of leadership and how to become a collaborative leader, take a look at our infographic below:

Traditional vs. Collaborative Leadership in today’s business world

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