How Infor d/EPM Benefits CFOs

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If your business is in need of a full-fledged reporting and financial performance management software with built-in deep analytics, business intelligence, plus the capability to help you gain a holistic real-time view of the entire business performance, Infor d/EPM might be the one that you’ve been looking for. 

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The evolution of the CFO role  

70 per cent of companies spend their time looking for data instead of analysing it. Data plays a critical role in the life of any finance professionals. Nevertheless, 48% of CFOs believe IT systems are a barrier to effectiveness. 

The role of CFOs has drastically evolved over the past few decades due to the changes in the economies, local and global regulations, and means of communication. A modern CFO’s responsibilities are much more complex and have gone beyond the boundary of a typical finance professional. 

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As the role of the CFO expands, the need for reliable information and adequate tooling also increases.  

How a CFO can leverage Infor d/EPM to gain visibility across the organisation, obtain critical insights from financials and sales performance to production orders and quality? 

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An industry-specific tool built for business success 

Infor d/EPM delivers information and dashboard tailored specifically for each industry. In today’s article, we’ll examine two areas where d/EPM will benefit the CFOs of the manufacturing sector.  

Duplicate expenses 

Directly on the dashboard, what the CFO will see first-hand are various numbers, actual versus budget and variance, all are represented with different colours. From the financial report, the CFO will be able to drill down to even the single entity level to track the source of the cost, presented in the local currency, the period of the transaction occurred, etc. 

If a duplicate transaction does occur, Infor d/EPM will be able to drill into the ERP system to trace back and reverse the posting in the consolidation. 

Once done, finance professionals and the CFO can instantly notify the team via the Ming.le platform. 

Duplicating Expense-Infor d EPM in Discrete Manufacturing

Budget planning 

In the dashboard, the finance personnel will be able to view both financial and sales data. Any alteration to the data will be reflected in the main overview page in real-time.  

Preparing for sales planning can be done on the product level or comparing data with the previous period. Data from ERP can also be used to feed into the sales forecast to increase reliability. 

In order for the plan to be actionable, it still needs the CFO's approval. On the CFO's side, he/she has the possibility to use predictive analytics to validate the manual and entered forecast against statistical methods. 

Infor d EPM in Discrete Manufacturing-Budget planning

In short, if you are a CFO and your team are looking for an effective system that: 

  • Has a built-in collaborative tool that mimics common social platforms to enhance workflow and gain visibility 
  • Traces back transactions down to the product level, create hierarchies to validate forecast and historical data for audit 
  • Consolidates multiple workbooks quickly and seamlessly in order to generate a single set of financial statements 
  • Crosses check with past data to build reliable statistical sales forecasting plan 
  • Acts as an integrated, industry-specific solution that meets the needs and the requirements of the finance function 

Infor d/EPM is the answer to help you gain a competitive advantage utilising data, empower every user on every level within the organisation. 

To learn more about Infor d/EPM, request a demo completely free today! 

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