Making a Business Case for Networked (Cloud) Business Intelligence

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Networked Business Intelligence (BI) leverages new capabilities to truly combine the centralised and decentralised models of BI, delivering the best aspects of both: end-user self-service without analytical silos. It is a new approach to analytics based on the idea that trusted and well governed data is not at odds with speed and ease of use.

Networked BI virtualizes the entire BI ecosystem, transforming every aspect of an organisation’s approach to analytics. Built on top of a modern, multi-tenant cloud architecture, Networked BI creates a set of interwoven BI instances that share a common analytical fabric.

The result is enterprise-grade scalability at unprecedented speed and end-user freedom.

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Making a Business Case for Networked (Cloud) Business Intelligence

A case study of Networked BI

A sales and marketing services company that serves the largest retailers and brands in the world struggled to support their growing business with their traditional BI solution. The challenging facing the Chief Data Officer was finding a way to scale a lean IT organisation to support user populations in the tens of thousands. The CDO realised that the company’s existing centralised process – relying on manual data movement, outdated database platforms, and cube farms – would not scale as needed.

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By adopting a Networked BI approach, the company was able to roll out virtual spaces to their retailers and brands with only their respective data while still managing all the data centrally. This allowed them to deliver near real-time intraday analytics to each retailer and brand and in the way each company is used to interacting and looking at the data.

The company could manage all data changes centrally and roll this out to their customers who can now focus on understanding their business instead of manipulating data. The company now provides greater visibility to manufacturers into their sell-through rates, and to retailers into product sales and propensity to buy based on geography, demo-graphics and brand. These networked insights guide decisions about merchandising, campaign planning, and product placement.

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Networked BI is a ground-breaking approach to analytics that connects every part of your organisation via a shared analytical fabric that eliminates data silos, accelerates the delivery of analytics across the enterprise, and enables people to work with trusted data. Request a free software demo today and find out how it can help your business.

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