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TRG introduced a new way of working to Hospitality businesses at seminar

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HCM City – April 18th 2013 – A record number of guests turned up for TRG’s seminar entitled “Office of the CFO for Hospitality: A new way of working to maximise profitson April 16th at New World Hotel.

Sponsored by Grant Thornton, CIMA and Infor, the morning seminar attracted around 150 people, including CFOs, CEOs, chief accountants, high level management and senior staff from nearly 70 hospitality companies and hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars.

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Compared to the last non-industry specific OCFO event, which was also the first of its kind, there were 5 speakers this time. They were Rick Yvanovich – TRG’s CEO and Board Member, South East Asia Regional Board, CIMA, Thai Pham – TRG’s Deputy General Manager, Kenneth Atkinson – Managing Partner at Grant Thornton Vietnam, Alejandro Palacio – Business Risk Services Manager at Grant Thornton Vietnam and Mark Vincent – Pre-Sales Hospitality Solutions APAC, Infor. Attendees learned about how the Office of the CFO concept applied to the industry:

  • The Office of the CFO concept: Changing roles of the CFO, evolving operating model
  • Complete Financial Management: Adapt to changing business needs, eliminate manual processes, and get the information you need even before you need it
  • Performance Management: A robust business model, the 4 Rs theory and the importance of a performance management system
  • Business Insights: Role-based analytics which delivers accurate, timely, consistent data for better decision making
  • Hospitality Business Process Management: Create guest-specific packages or hotel stay experiences, know guest lifetime values at point of interaction, attract more guests, lower reservation costs, increase and optimise revenue by as much as 7%
  • Property Management Integration: Ensure real-time data synchronisation enterprise-wide, empower staff with the knowledge they need to exceed customer expectations

In the final Q & A session, participants eagerly raised questions for the panel of speakers, who shared their expertise and experience in a variety of hospitality challenges such as planning, budgeting, strategy alignment and applying social space to process management. As always, the event speakers and TRG staff were ready to answer any further concerns of guests in the networking session afterwards.

This was the second time TRG had organised an event on the Office of the CFO concept, but the first time for the Hospitality sector. Rick Yvanovich, TRG’s CEO, said: “We received a lot of great feedback from businesses and the press following the last event’s success, and many requests for a repeat of the event. Thus we will continue to run this event topic, but fine tuning it based on the feedback. Building on this, we continue to spread the message that whatever challenges businesses have to face, we'll be sharing knowledge, best practices, expertise and solutions to help your business to shine”.

Here are some photos from the event:


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