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Digital Transformation Can Make or Break a Company Culture

Posted by Ngoc Doan on

On the 9th of May, BBGV and TRG International held the BBGV Breakfast Seminar at PJ’s Coffee Sala with the hot topic of “How Company Culture Impacts Digital Transformation?”. The two full-of-experienced speakers, Mr. Rick Yvanovich – Founder and CEO of TRG International, and Mr. Du Vu – Founder of Beautiful Mind Consulting and Athena Retail Consulting, have led everyone to explore “digital transformation” and how we can successfully apply it to the business.

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Digital Transformation Can Make or Break a Company Culture

The impact of digital transformation on the company culture

You may have heard of the term “digital transformation” - but what exactly is it? As explained by The Guardian, “Digital is any technology that connects people and machines with each other or with information. Transformation is a whole scale change to the foundational components of a business: from its operating model to its infrastructure”. It is like a Rubik’s cube, each colour represents culture, technology, process and innovation, customer engagement, strategy and data analysis.

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After all attendees got the right definition about the term "Digital Transformation", Mr. Rick moved on to the topic of Cloud Computing – the technology that plays the key role in transforming businesses. Cloud has been disrupting many businesses and offering many benefits including turning Capex to Opex, providing massive economies of scale, the ability to go global in minutes, wide varieties of application, etc.

Digital Transformation Can Make or Break a Company Culture

Furthermore, company with a digital culture and has the intention of creating an appropriate workplace is crucial to digital transformation. For Rick, there are five characteristics that organisations should embrace to create a digital culture today: Kaizen, Self-learning, Adaptation, Collaboration and Innovation.

Of course, there are countless strategies that businesses can use to move towards “digital transformation”. However, many of them have failed miserably. When talking about factors that contribute to such failure, Mr. Du emphasised to never underestimate human-related issues.

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Digital Transformation Can Make or Break a Company Culture

Prior to ending the seminar, Mr. Du concluded that in order to change, organisations need to improve their communication game by:

  • Visualising the future – so we can all see where we want to go
  • Providing a hands-on experience of the new way 

so it can be tried out in a safe environment

  • Reinforce the message time and time again
  • Supporting managers at all levels – so they develop both management and leadership skills, and are able to communicate key messages in a consistent way

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