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Spread the Joy at BBGV Fun Run 2018 with TRG

Posted by Ngoc Doan on

On 30 September 2018, approximately one hundred members from TRG International along with nearly ten thousand other runners participated in the BBGV Fun Run for Charity 2018. This year, TRG International is proud to be one of the In-kind Gold Sponsors for this event. Together with the BBGV Team, we hope to raise 1 billion VND to support various charitable projects helping the disadvantaged Vietnamese.

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BBGV Fun Run 2018 TRG

The Phu My Hung Residential area (District 7) was already bustled with people of all ages doing warm-up to the music early in the morning on the last Sunday of September. At 8 am, the whistle was blown marking the start of the run.

Rick the coffee cups

Rick the coffee cups - the most stand-out character of the event

This year event we also witnessed an increase in people dressing up in funny costumes, completed with face paint, just for the fun run. Not wanting to miss out from the fun, Rick the coffee cups, PJ's Coffee's mascots posing in their uniquely bright purple caught a lot of the participants’ attention.

TRG at BBGV Fun Run 2018

A long queue of participants waiting for PJ's signature cold brew coffee.

Thao Dang, Content Intern at TRG International, shared: "This is the first time I join the BBGV Fun Run with TRG Family, and I already had such a really great time running and laughing with my colleagues on this beautiful Sunday morning. I’m already looking forward to the BBGV Fun Run next year."

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Through the event, TRG hopes to bring everyone closer, to share all the love for the unfortunates, to contribute to the community and raise awareness. Hope to see you at the starting line next year!

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