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TRG CEO Yvanovich Celebrates 'The Art of Failure' with FailFighters

Posted by Quynh Nguyen Nhu on

10 December 2019 - TRG International's Founder and CEO, Rick Yvanovich, was invited to discuss "The Art of Failure" - an on-going theme for a series of inspiring networking events hosted by FailFighters. The series has been running for seven times. 

FailFighters is a project created with the purpose of “celebrating the art of failure.” Through the project, the team at FailFighters hopes to inspire people to embrace mistakes and never give up. The team has successfully organised seven FailFighter Talks, where they invited experienced professionals from different industries to share their “fail” stories and how they overcame them.

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The Art of Failure 

Joining alongside with Rick in this month FailFighters Talk were two equally inspiring and thriving leaders: 

Ms Van Ly - Senior Markets Manager at KPMG Vietnam.

Van has 18 years of experience working for nonprofits and corporations in Vietnam and the U.S in the areas of corporate fundraising, marketing communications, and project management. Some of her experience includes working with projects at Saigon Children's Charity, Vietnam Recycles, Thrive Networks / East Meets West Foundation, ARISE Foundation and International Campaign for Tibet. 

Mr Bobby Liu - Executive Director at Topica Founder Institute. 

Bobby has nearly 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, where he founded and co-founded businesses in various fields - from the golf industry to restaurant, media, and incubator. Bobby is currently the Executive Director of Topica Founder Institute, an international Startup Accelerator program of Topica Edtech Group. 

If the entire two-hour event and Q&A session can be summarised into a sentence, it would be the following quote stated by Bobby at the beginning of the session: 

"You know my name, not my story. You've heard what I've done, not what I've been through."

Both attendees and speakers had a very inspiring evening sharing about their most remarkable failure stories in both personal and professional lives. Bobby talked about one of his first failed businesses selling golf apparel, which subsequently cost him financial stability and marriage.  

Van’s talk shared some similarities with Bobby. She has always been a result-oriented person until she experienced her first failure in Vietnam. She had lost track, got confused, but in the end, Van learned how to ask for help in dire times. 

Rick opened up his heart to talk about how he found it hard to trust people, which was a result of being cheated on by a business partner. Nevertheless, as time goes by and with the support from his family and current colleagues, Rick finds meaning in coaching other professionals about trust, business, and change management

Before the lucky draw concluded the event, the in-depth Q&A session tackled more controversial topics plus tips and tricks for business management and personal growth. 

Below are some highlights of FailFighters #7.

Rick Celebrates “The Art of Failure” with FailFighters

TRG CEO Rick FailFighters

To learn more about FailFighters future events, please visit their Facebook Page.

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