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TRG Gentlemen Make 2018 Women's Day More Memorable

Posted by Ngoc Doan on

On the morning of March 8th, 2018, TRG Rooftop was full of flowers, cakes, fresh fruits and smiling faces. In order to celebrate the International Women's Day, all the gentlemen at TRG had prepared a big surprise for the ladies through “Smoothies Making Competition”.

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TRG International Celebrates Women's Day

The entire company was split into 4 teams to compete against each other to win the hearts of the ladies through smoothies. The main ingredients for the competitions were fresh fruits, condensed milk, fresh milk, sugar, and ice; each team was allowed to choose their own combination of fruits, such as:

  • Team 1: Strawberry, banana, passion fruit
  • Team 2: Avocado
  • Team 3: Mango, pineapple, banana, sapodilla
  • Team 4: Apple, banana, strawberry

TRG International Celebrates Women's Day

TRG gentlemen were trying to make the best smoothie

All team members had to work together to make the most delicious glass of smoothies. This was not only a competition but also an opportunity for TRG men to show their culinary skills. In addition, this competition also helps to improve teamwork and solidarity in each individual.

TRG International Celebrates Women's Day

Team 2 and Team 3 served the winning smoothie to all women of TRG

There were two winners, team 2 and team 3. Both received special gifts from TRG Team Building Committee. Afterwards, all TRGers enjoyed little chat, some cakes, fruits and smoothies together before going back to the normal working schedule.

TRG International Celebrates Women's Day

To celebrate this special day, some TRG female members decided to wear Ao Dai. This was such a beautiful image since Ao Dai has always been a beautiful representation of the Vietnamese women.

TRG International Celebrates Women's Day

Beautiful TRG ladies in Aodai

 All of us at TRG wish every lady a very happy Women’s Day. Stay healthy and stay fabulous!

TRG International Celebrates Women's Day

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