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In 2016, Profiles International SEA has been re-branded as TRG Talent with new targets in talent solutions segment of TRG International. This change even motivated us continuously research and explore to bring you many posts about various trending topics among HR people last year, from recruiting Millennials or salespersons to leadership development and even succession planning.

As 2017 is taking its first steps on the way, let’s go through the three most popular posts from TRG Talent in 2016.

Đã đến lúc ngừng sử dụng bài trắc nghiệm tính cách MBTI

MBTI has become a well-known assessment tool in recruitment. Meanwhile, jobseekers, especially those in their 20s, seems to “go nuts” with the eight letters I, E, S, N, T, F, J, P demonstrating each personality tendency. It is the easy-to-understand and somehow “flattering” descriptions that contribute to its popularity. But be careful, MBTI is overrated than it actually is. Let’s find out the scientifically reasons as well as alternative suggestions for your organisation in this post.

Image result for interview at google

Which company has the toughest interview questions? That is undoubtedly Google. But since the summer of 2006, as they conducted a survey towards actual performance prediction, Google found out that the interview was “a complete random mess”. Why do this IT giant consider brainteasers that useless? Take a look of this post for the answer.

Image result for job interview

Another popular post about interview. It is the most beloved employee selection tool and is used widely in every organisation. But ultimately, interview fail to predict actual employee performance. Why so? And what can be its alternative for better performance prediction. This post will give you the answer.

These posts are the ones with the highest views in 2016 (more than 10.000/post). Hope that in 2017, TRG Talent’s blog will be spread wider among HR people, motivating us to bring you more fresh and innovative aspects in HR activities!

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