[Infographic] 4 Steps to Automate Enterprise Data Management

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Managing enterprise data may seem like a daunting task. It can easily get overwhelming and out of control if not managed well. In a survey conducted by Primary Data in 2016, the results showed that a common trait among many enterprise IT experts that they have to handle 10 to 20, sometimes more, data sources as the company grows. How can you simplify your data management? Check out this infographic for the answer.

Simplifying your data management

It is easy to lose track once the company expands, especially when you have to keep everything in balance without sacrificing your IT infrastructure, the company revenue or your staff. One challenge that IT personnel frequently face is designating data to its correct source for easy retrieval when needed.

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Modern software with metadata nowadays has enabled us to virtualise all data locations, giving us a unified view of what happened to the files (whether it has been altered, by whom, when, etc.). By increasing visibility and integrate all assets, you’ll be able to obtain more accurate timely data which are crucial to the decision-making process as well as useful for your reports.

To further utilise data management system, cloud and object storage can be added. IT objectives can be set to guide the flow of data. However, ensuring data can effortlessly flow on and off cloud is of paramount importance. Note that moving to cloud storage is economically friendly but not otherwise. Ability to recover fragmented data with ease provides not only flexibility but also agility to your company growth.

Smart metadata engine software with machine learning technology can automatically manage data across platforms or across different vendors based on your IT goals. Smart software can identify trends, and if allowed, data can be transferred to where it needed most to provide useful insights for reports and planning.

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Better data management with 4 simple steps

4 steps to automate enterprise data management

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