Once Again, TRG Blog Ranked among the Best Blogs about ERP in the World

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For companies considering implementing an ERP system, ERP blogs are one of the key information sources for doing research before making decisions. Therefore, finding a resourceful, informative and updated blog on ERP topics is essential.

Feedspot.com – the online RSS reader that allows its users to get their daily news in just one single source, has done the hard part for you with their latest list of 90 best blogs about ERP.

Backed in 2017, us - TRG International was ranked 29th on this list. After a year, we’ve successfully advanced to the 26th position.

top 100 erp blog 2018

Source: Feedspot

The ranking was based on these key criteria: Google ranking, social media influence, quantity and quality of the writings and the Feedspot team’s own ratings. It can be seen that none of the attributes dominates the result. Ranking in 1st place is the ERP In News blog, which has an astonishing number of 28 posts per week. Meanwhile, in the 2nd place, the ERP News Blog only has about 5 posts per week.

Other aspects, for example, the readers’ engagement with the posts, plus whether or not the readers follow the page, have significant impacts on the ranking as well.

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TRG Blog, as an aggregated blog with diverse topics - from ERP, Cloud, Retail to Talent and Hospitality Management, has proven to successfully deliver market-leading content for the visitors. We make sure that our writings are informative and educational, providing the readers with the most up-to-date, holistic and useful news of their industry, including the ERP topics.

Since 2011, our blog has taken pride in the original content and the authenticity of our messages. Each post is written with well-researched information and published with the ultimate goal of helping our readers to solve their problem and fulfiling our motto: Helping you and your business to shine.

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