ERP Post-implementation: Scaling for Future Expansions

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ERP post-implementation is the time to review how you have transformed business cases into your systems in order to scale for your future expansions.

Scaling on what you have already achieved and deciding what to go next is not a simple task. There are many areas you may put in considerations, they are:

  • Business planning & consolidation
  • System audit and improvement
  • Sites roll-out
  • Social Collaboration
  • Services Level Agreement

ERP Post-implementation: Scaling for Future Expansions

For those highlighted areas above, you may want to find out what Social collaboration is and how it brings benefits to our future expansion on me? Social collaboration is similar to what you do with Facebook and Linkedin etc., however, the collaboration is structured in the way of how you tackle your business problems every day.

  • What is sales order's status? And when the order is fulfilled in full?
  • Is it possible to know in advance the date of consensus upon your materials, level of stock and manufacturing capacities constraint is defined?
  • What if we can offer cost estimate within the number of days upon receiving your customer's requirements?

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All lead indicators are configured to push related alerts into your wall or into whom they are accountable for. Based on these controlled points, they get you down into business and operation at the lowest level to see what is happening there and therefore, you proactively get involved and solve issues before they become certainty and risks.

The benefits are huge and not limited to

  • Alerts on your own wall
  • Alerts shared to whom they are accountable for
  • Alerts analyzed on its frequency
  • Tasks shared between members
  • Nature of response activated without your rules/ discipline and/or regulations

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