Optimise Production Planning with Infor SyteLine ERP Software

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More and more manufacturers are adopting advanced technologies to gain more real-time insights into processes and the overall financial situation so they can make more informed decisions.

With a comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions like Infor SyteLine ERP, your company can achieve more than just better collaboration and streamlined operations.

In this article, let's find out how this solution can benefit your team.

How Infor SyteLine Helps Manufacturers Optimise Production Planning

What is production planning?

Production planning refers to the process of creating strategies for allocating resources such as employees, raw materials, finances, machines, and work centres to ensure production is on schedule to fulfil orders without delay.

It is imperative that production, sales, and inventory level targets are well-planned and reasonably estimated.

Most manufacturers believe that proper production planning can help optimise and maximise production efficiency.

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Steps included in the production planning 

Defining your production resources and capacities

  • Outlining your requirements or demands
  • Identifying your item supplies
  • Effectively managing inventory
  • Reducing waste and scrap
  • Assessing risk assessment and management control

Now let's explore what role ERP plays in the production planning process.

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How exactly does Infor SyteLine help better production planning?

Infor Syteline is an ERP platform that automates and streamlines various functions within the organisation, from procurement to production planning, supply chain, and sales.

For instance, the system provides you with a real-time, 360-degree view of your business and your partners, making inventory management more efficient. Manufacturers can make more timely data-driven decisions to accelerate business growth.

SyteLine is a powerful cloud-based ERP system with features that can be accessed from anywhere on any device. This makes it easy to work remotely, collaborate, and support at any time.

But how does SyteLine help better production planning? First, let's discover what criteria are involved in production planning and why it is important for manufacturers.

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How does the Infor SyteLine help boost planning activity? 

Infor Syteline consists of several modules that help streamline and manage various business activities and departments that ultimately help in production planning.

All data within the company is made available on a central dashboard, providing you with a detailed and comprehensive overview of the entire manufacturing process.

This allows manufacturers to track production statuses in real time without relying on staff. For example, the warehouse team can check inventory levels in the system in real-time to ensure raw materials are always available and never consumed. This ensures uninterrupted production and allows us to meet customer demands.

Infor SyteLine's process automation streamlines the entire process, increasing employee productivity and allowing you to better serve your customers.

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Benefits of Infor SyteLine in production planning 

1. Keep your promises to your customers

Not only does Infor SyteLine help you build trust with customers, but it also helps you promote your products and attract new customers.

Infor SyteLine's special planning function, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) can help manufacturers achieve that goal, satisfy even the most demanding customers, and strengthen relationships.

The tool streamlines and optimises the entire process, from raw material procurement to final product manufacturing and delivery.

Our TRG ERP team takes over planning and optimising the production cycle to ensure the final product gets delivered on time without compromising its quality.

2. Standardised and best-in-class business processes

No matter what industry you are in, standardised and smooth workflows are essential to ensuring business efficiency. Applying proven best practices to automate business processes can help manufacturers eliminate repetitive, time-consuming, and tedious tasks and reduce manual interventions and human errors.

A best-in-class ERP system for the manufacturing industry like Infor SyteLine can help companies unify operations, stay proactive, and stay ahead of the curve.

With an uninterrupted workflow, you can expect to significantly reduce heavy workloads, shorten delivery, satisfy your current customers, attract new ones, and more.

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3. Inventory control and management

Efficient and structured inventory management and control are essential. This allows manufacturers to maintain an optimal amount of inventory to meet customer demand while minimising costs and inventory risks.

The Inventory Management module in Infor SyteLine continuously updates real-time inventory status. Combined with APS, these two tools automatically place orders or send notifications to appropriate personnel. This guarantees timely replenishment to ensure a smooth and just-in-time production process.

Advanced and intelligent features like Cycle Count and Physical Count processes, barcode/ QR code, and mobile device connect using add-on features like Infor Factory Track can further help manufacturers establish smart inventory control processes.

4. Improved machines and equipment efficiency

All equipment must be properly maintained through regular cleaning and maintenance. This is theoretical. In practice, however, this rarely happens; maintenance is often deferred or inadvertently forgotten.

This can lead to sudden breakdowns or permanent damages to key machinery and equipment, leading to production halt and, ultimately, failure to meet customer requirements.

All these problems can be solved using Infor SyteLine, which helps you schedule routine maintenance, predict issues and service work, and ensure timely cleaning, thus keeping your valuable assets always in tip-top shape.

This is especially important when there is always increasing demand for high-productivity factories and shop floors.

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5. Delays and downtimes prevention

Downtime, or idle time, in production, is when workers or machines are unproductive but are still paid for. For the company, this means additional work with no corresponding return. This can be caused by one of several possible problems, such as raw material shortages, machine repairs, etc.

However, this unproductive time can be avoided by implementing Infor SyteLine.

The system facilitates timely machine run time and maintenance schedules, inventory replenishment, and more to minimise downtime and idle time.

The procurement function can leverage Infor SyteLine to boost the timely release of raw materials and ensure uninterrupted production and on-time shipment of finished goods to customers.

All in all, Infor SyteLine, or ERP software, can significantly benefit manufacturers. Streamlining business processes, boosting shop floor performance, enhancing productivity, and increasing revenues and profits are just a couple of prominent competitive advantages you can gain from this robust solution.

By adopting an effective, flexible, and best-in-class ERP system like Infor Syteline for production planning, you can experience significant growth in your overall productivity.

To explore all Infor SyteLine features and functions and witness firsthand how this robust ERP solution can benefit your organisation, request a demo today!

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