5 Ways Infor ION Can Transform Your Enterprise

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In today’s business, every enterprise relies on an increasing number of IT systems to support various business functions in some form or other, be that accounting software, CRM, or ERP.

However, running multiple disparate systems that cannot work together results in fragmented information and operational silos, which negatively impacts your business’ productivity. A way to solve this problem is to implement a middleware solution that creates a connective structure for all your systems to work together.

Infor OS suite offers such a middleware solution, namely Infor ION. The solution comes with a simple user interface and a complete package of features that allows you to boost your business’ processes into the next level.

Infor ION is built upon HTML-5 and other open source technologies and provides you with a platform that gives you a comprehensive range of cooperating and powerful functions, along with the ability to integrate it with all your non-Infor systems, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud.

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How will Infor ION transform your enterprise?

How will Infor ION transform your enterprise?

1. One system to connect them all

The Infor ION system can be integrated with all Infor systems and many non-Infor systems. This means that the days of worrying about the compatibility of new systems are gone, allowing your business to freely and safely implement the systems it needs, while the Infor ION system keeps everything connected and working together.

2. Increased cooperation and information sharing

Infor ION allows you to connect all aspects of your business. This allows your employees to be notified and communicate across departments and systems. This facilitates better cooperation in your business and increases the amount of information being shared, allowing your employees to act to any situation quickly and efficiently.

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3. Streamline workflows

With every process on the cloud and the system working for you in the background, all your workflows can be streamlined and efficiently executed. The system allows you to keep track of every person in the workflow and automatically holds everyone in the workflow responsible for their role.

4. Real-time data decisions

The system collects and stores data on how your workflows are performing. By using this data and the in-built report system that comes with many prebuilt reports which can be used out of the box, you can analyse and identify where your workflows can improve and where they are performing well. All this is done in the background and is automatically stored in a central location that makes every bit of data easy to find and access.

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5. Customised to fit you

Every bit of this software allows you to customise it to fit your business. Create your own custom workflows with a simple drag and drop system, assemble your own reports with the data you want to analyse or let your employees create their own notification interface that allows them to decide which notifications are most important for them to get.

Infor ION is just one of many game-changing features from Infor OS. To learn more about how Infor OS and ION can help your business, download our brochure today.

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