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Infor OS stands for “Infor Operating Service” and is also the platform Infor is using to run their Infor CloudSuites, a set of cloud-based, user-friendly enterprise solutions such as CloudSuite Industrial.

Mr. Massimo Capoccia, Infor’s SVP Product Management & Technology, has given a short introduction of Infor OS so that people can have a better understanding about this platform, which he favourably described it as “great”. Here are three major values of Infor OS:

Productivity comes first

According to Capoccia, Infor thinks highly of the user productivity, as well as user experience, and considers it as “the key differentiator”. Therefore, an internal agency called “Hook & Loop” is established to offer a place where they can define and refine the user experiences from the beginning. Now, after switching to its own artificial intelligence (A.I.) application – the Infor Coleman AI robot – Infor is able to proactively advise on what action should be done next.

Moreover, this AI robot is designed to assist in augmenting work, automating business processes, and advising in the enterprise. It takes care of both front-end and back-end sides, assuring a friendly, time-saving experience process for users.

3 Things You Need to Know about Infor OS – the Foundation of Future Enterprises

A smooth and efficient integration

The second point of Infor OS’s values is the seamless integration between Infor applications and the third-party applications, if necessary. To be more specific, users can plug in any Infor application at any business process and connect them in any type of Infor CloudSuite without difficulties. Users can work either on premises, in the cloud, or both. For instance, an on-premises ERP and a cloud-based CRM or enterprise asset management can work together seamlessly.  

With this integration, Infor is capable of keeping track of all of the information in a secure so-called “data lake”. Hence, users can connect all enterprise data to an advanced analytics application or do enterprise search. Furthermore, the Coleman AI can collect datasets, and provide API (Application Programming Interface) and feedback to applications or services.

Last but not least - Automation

The third tremendous benefit of Infor OS is automation because it has Coleman, which is the perfect platform to automate and run things in the background for end-users. With the behaviour learning function, Coleman analyses how users do their job. For example, Coleman can learn how a manager approves expenses for his / her department, and later do the work for them in the background so the manager can focus on more critical tasks.  

Also, trusting A.I. is essential to Infor. For that reason, the firm makes sure that users know what Coleman has based on to make every single decision, then they can take a look and decide for themselves whether they should trust Coleman to do more background work or not.

In conclusion, Infor OS is the cloud platform that brings the full package of user productivity, business process management and Coleman AI. If you are planning to try it for your business, do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information and professional advice.

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