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TRG Blog Ranked 29th Best Blog about ERP in the World

Posted by Ho Nguyen

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When it comes to selecting a suitable ERP system for your business, the researching and reviewing process tends to be lengthy and extensive. Therefore, Feedspot recently compiled a list of 30 powerful ERP blogs in order to help ease such process, and TRG, the only ERP blog from Vietnam, was delighted to be ranked at the 29th place.

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All of the blogs were ranked based on the following criteria: 

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

A collective of both recent and well-established sites are present on the list. The number 1 and 2 spots were given to ERP In News and ERP News accordingly, with the rookie ERP News was just recently launched in June this year. A more familiar name, Epicor, landed the 23rd place.

Top 100 ERP Blogs and Websites for ERP

The amount of blog posts per week fluctuates from brand to brand, such as ERP In News on average have 56 posts per week, while Epicor only has 1 post per month. The frequency of posts can have a major impact on the brand, too many posts a week can overwhelm the readers while too few make it hard for them to remember you.

However, it is also worth noted that the engagement factor also plays a vital role. Bombarding the audience with an endless update on news will be meaningless if those posts do not generate any engagement and bring actual value. It all comes down to catering to the audience’s needs and wants so that they are intrigued and compelled enough to read a post, to click on an ad or to watch a video. And in order for you to win in this day and age, your audience needs to consume your piece of information.

Top 100 ERP Blogs and Websites for ERP

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