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TRG Talk Talent: Maximise Your Day with Self-Motivation

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On September 27, we successfully held the seminar “SELF-MOTIVATION: The Guide to Inspiring Your Workdays”, which is a part of the TRG Talk Talent series. The reputable speaker, Rick Yvanovich (Founder and CEO of TRG International) shared lots of self-motivation methods and got absolute appreciation from attendees.

Motivation can have a great impact on our lives. What would it be like to work without motivation? It would be like taking away people’s desire and willingness to do something, making people bored and lazy.

How to motivate yourself?

In an hour of sharing and discussion, Rick indicated four key points to build and retain self-motivation:

1. Focus and set goals

Setting goals will provide us with a clear vision for commitments and challenge us to reach the target. Rick noticed that we should challenge ourselves to add more excitement in the process and try aiming for the impossible objectives. Besides, Rick also emphasised: "It is better that you only focus on a few things at a time and actually achieve them instead of doing everything and not getting anywhere.”

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2. Positive thinking

Rick introduced a 6-step cycle detailing ways to improve and develop positive thinking, which is also a recognised effective method in controlling and transforming your negative thoughts. Rick advised attendees to acknowledge one’s self-development and repeat it over again until it turned into the habit to push one’s self to move forward. Once accustomed with that habit, we would be able to naturally emit the self-recognition, self-motivation from deep within. 

3. Self-confidence / self-efficacy

TRG Talk Talent: Maximise Your Day with Self-Motivation

The question is, if you do not believe in yourself, how can you convince others to trust your capabilities? In his speech, Rick noted that self-confidence is an essential element that helped move people forward, make them believe in their own ability. A small confident test was brought up when attendees were asked how comfortable were they to tell others about what they take pride in or whether they were feeling proud of themselves. This test was to determine if the attendees really believed in themselves and their abilities. The attendees still hesitated at first but gradually became extremely excited and excitedly shared.

4. A motivating environment

The last but most important factor is having an environment that stimulates motivation. The key is to stay close to people or places that can help us build self-motivation. Find yourself a mentor or a role model with the skills and capabilities that you are trying to become plays an important role in discovering self-motivation.

The seminar ended with Rick sharing a piece of his wisdom: “Self-motivation is always the key to lift our spirits up when we feel down, exhausted, or whenever we feel our goals are out of reach.”

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TRG is an IT, Talent and F&B company. We help people and businesses to shine. We help people be the best they can possibly be by selecting the right people for the right job and developing them to their full potential. We help companies by providing an IT solution that works quietly and brilliantly in the background, freeing them up to focus on their core and not having to worry about their IT systems. We do this for more than 1,000 clients in 80 countries.

TRG Talk Talent series with these topics related to Talent Management and Self Development will be held every last Wednesday of the month. 

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