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Change Your Environment or Change Yourself?

Posted by Rick Yvanovich

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After an TRG Talk: Talent Management event, one of our attendees raised a question about the impacts that the workplace environment has on us, asking whether we should change the environment or try to get adapted by changing ourselves.

This fascinating idea has led to another TRG Talk on this specific subject. Check out some of our photos of the event right beneath this article!

In the Talk, we focused on the people/employees as primary factors that make up the environment in the workplace. It is the way that people interact, communicate, and trust that results in either a positive or negative effect on the environment.

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TRG Talk: Talent - Change Your Environment or Change Yourself

Is it better to work in an environment with people who are just like you?

Undoubtedly, employees are the most valuable assets of any organisation. We come in contact with a handful of different employees daily. Therefore, the more compatible we are with other people, the happier we can be.

Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This reminds us that our surrounding is important, and the people that we associate with play a critical role. As a result, we tend to mingle with individuals that we like, can learn from, and those that can motivate and lift us up.

The same principle also applies in the workplace, particularly when you have a diverse workforce. The inclusiveness and diversity in the labour force bring a multitude of benefits. Employees can feel less isolated as there is someone with who they feel compatible. The better we align with people around us, the easier it is to adjust and fit in.

A diverse workforce gives every employee a fair opportunity to contribute to something unique. It is essential to have a common goal, a purpose to work towards.

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It’s all about the state of mind

In the Talk, I mentioned a study about a school system research where students were divided into two groups, and the teachers were told that one group is smarter than the other.

The “smarter” group ended up being more successful in life, which was apparent. However, the key point of this study was that the teachers did not know that the students in the two groups were randomly selected. Thus, they ended up treating the two groups differently. This study has proven how impactful the environment can have on people.

Therefore, it is advised that employees learn to adapt to the workplace environment.

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But what about the organisation? The organisation you are in might have good values and a good culture, but it might not fit with the employees and what they do. The changing and adapting process should not come from one side. Employers need to change to fit in with their employees, too.

Organisations need to adopt a growth mindset to continuously inspire and encourage both leaders and employees to learn new skills.

A fixed mindset can hinder success, whereas a growth mindset can stimulate development and innovation in individuals.

Nevertheless, it takes time for people to change.

Disruptive transformation is the new normal. The state of the world today is not only fickle but also highly volatile and unpredictable, which constantly disrupts how we work and communicate daily. We need to be able to adapt. We need to be around people that challenge us, encourages us and that we can learn from.

One person cannot change a negative environment, but together we can – it is all about the state of mind. It is not possible to change the environment by yourself, but we can do it together!

All in all, it is about changing the environment AND yourself.

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How can you better yourself to achieve success?


Always show up on time, regardless of the occasion. 


Keep doing what you are doing. It can be as simple as showing up for work on time every day.

Good attitude

Always keep a good attitude. If you surround yourself with positive thoughts and a good attitude, you will:

1) be happier in general, and

2) people will feel good being around you, working with you and talking to you.

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Stay committed. Rome was not built in one day, and neither are your goals. Small but consistent good deeds over time will be greatly beneficial to you.

For instance, five minutes of yoga exercise every day is much better (and more manageable) to maintain the routine than to exercise continuously for one hour a week.

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Faith and a burning desire – Belief in yourself and what you are doing

It is crucial to believe in yourself and what you are doing. If you do not believe in yourself, no one will. 

Willingness to pay the price

Achieving your goals may require some sacrifices, but if you’re committed, it will be worthwhile.

Integrity – Do what you say, say what you do

Having people trust and respect you is the key to success. Make sure that people can trust you by doing what you say you will do, being where you promised, having good morals, and being transparent.

Nobody likes to change, because it brings discomfort and it disrupts our daily routine. Nevertheless, changes can be good. Upgrading your leadership skills starts with changing your habits, which is a huge commitment and a long winding road.

If you are looking for inspirations to develop a new routine to get through the current ongoing pandemic, start with this book - 'Habits of Success: What top entrepreneurs routinely do in business and in life', a collection of impactful yet short, and easy to digest stories that let us explore a snippet of the daily lives of leading CEOs.

The book allows you to explore the different perspectives on the topic of habits. There is a story for you, me, for anyone who is looking for something new.

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