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In today’s world, many businesses even give cash to employees to quit if they feel those employees is not the right fit for the job. However, this action can only solve a small part of the problem. Low job suitability, if not recognised early, will cost the organisations dearly in the long term.

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This is where Job Fit Solution comes in. Along with the development of the organisation, job fit becomes an important part of talent management at all stages of an employee's life-cycle. So what is a Job Fit Solution and why is it necessary?

Fitting the Right Person to the Right Position with Job Fit Solution

What is a Job Fit Solution?

Job Fit Solution is a concept that refers to how an employee fits into their position. It is the level of similarity between the strengths and desires of an individual in a particular job and the working environment. When the Job Fit is done right, both staff and managers will experience good end results. Job Fit helps to identify and assign individuals to jobs where they are more likely to succeed.

Based on the identification of the individual’s potential, abilities and behaviours, Job Fit Solution determines whether a person is capable for a job or not, how they will do it, and the level of their engagement at work. People are motivated by different sources and the appropriate Job Fit Solution can outline the job-related qualities as a paradigm for a person to work productively.

A common misconception about setting up a Job Fit Solution or an employee evaluation process is that people try too much to give the best responses. In fact, there is no right or wrong answer. It simply involves setting up a person to fit the role and predicting their level of performance at work. Just as there is no perfect person, the perfect job doesn’t exist; that's why the highest matching rate can reach no higher than 95%.

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Why should your organisation set up a Job Fit Solution?

Studies show that consistent job satisfaction improves engagement and can lead to increased productivity, while negative things, such as work-related stress and workplace conflict, are reduced. Hiring the most suitable staff is a great way to cut cost and improve employee retention rates. In general, employees who are more suited to their position will be happier and more productive, which can have a positive impact on the morale, and ultimately, the organisation's bottom line.

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Research shows that when you put people on the job that fits their ability, where the provided stimulation suits their particular preferences, and where the company culture is similar to their personalities, you will have a chance to witness your enterprise’s employee turnover drops significantly, and productivity increases sharply.

Fitting the Right Person to the Right Position with Job Fit Solution

Prior to establishing Job Fit Solution, there are several important tasks organisations need to prepare:

  • Apply assessments, interviews and background checks
  • Identify positions and requirements
  • Establish clear guidelines and expectations
  • Define the standards of top, middle, and bottom performers and what distinguishes them
  • Consider the organisation’s culture
  • Use specific internal information

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