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Customer Experience (CX) in ERP Implementation

Posted by Ho Nguyen

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A burning issue of any modern ERP business implementation is CX (customer experience). Customers should be placed at the heart of all subjects and considered an extensive ecosystem that is positively impacting the progression of services, and bringing services towards the development of powerful new trends as well as formation and requirements of interactive & collaborative services in the short and long terms.


In reality, the values transferred are often encapsulated within the implementation of initiatives and the experience was often based on radical thoughts and positive attitude of customers.

So, why the subject is the topic of any implementations, successful services and is a pre-requisite premise for forthcoming business deals. It is our pleasure to share some of following observations:

1) Personalisation of Services

Stakeholders in the ecosystem play an important role in linking services together. As such, stakeholders have their own paths and concerns. The question is whether the CX brings practical benefits to their paths and concerns or not.

To answer this question, it requires "nice touches" dedicating personal paths to the world of change, the world of learning, development and enrichment of invisible, tangible knowledge and positively engaging stakeholders with respect to change management, increasing personal voices towards sharing common values of the businesses and creating personalised control over their own knowledge.

2) Vision of values

In general, business services do not only bring changes in business activities, but also open a portal to a new world, the world of collaboration and networking, sharing and enrichment of knowledge repository of the eco-system and hence, valuable return on investment (ROI) will be automatically reacted to improve business operations.

3) Positive energy

Any interaction that creates friction need sources of energy, positive energy towards business objectives and the focus of sources of energy will create positive values and is a pre-requisite premise for changing the speed of movement to address highly complicated issues and/or problems. They also need to be nourished and encouraged. Valuable return on investment (ROI) that can now be found sometimes through not only business tools but also a simple one, that tool is “Gratitude”. The value will trigger positive energy and transfer that energy to the eco-system to make it a living organism with rich colours, sparkling and extremely beautiful.

4) Social creatures

Each stakeholder in the eco-system has their own social relationships, insights, processing of information, transformation and interoperability extensively to network, community ... Social creatures have their signature voices not only within the narrow eco-system in a business entity but also in the extensive eco-system in society.


The values conveyed deeply in the way that we make our CX, indulged them into our performance in order to create “very rich” stakeholders, really based on the state of works and bring stakeholders towards a higher relationship in the further development of business services.

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