[Infographic] 9 Steps to a Successful ERP Implementation

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Most businesses would benefit from having a complete Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) that is not only user-friendly but also suitable for the organisation’s culture.

However, the implementation of such complex system requires lots time, effort and support from both your employees and the C-level .

Furthermore, ERP systems are designed by observing and incorporating best practices. In some cases, they are also specifically tailored to fit with different industry requirements.

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Ensure your ERP implementation is a success in 9 steps 

Adopting ERP software is not simply replacing the outdated IT system with a newer one. It is a change in the way you and your employees operate on the daily basis.

There are people’s expectations and feelings you need to manage. Not to mention, how does your organisation define success, keep all the expenses under control, and effectively create one complete accurate master data? Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

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The following infographic describing 9 simple steps to a successful ERP implementation might come in handy if you are in the middle of preparing for a similar change.

Based on the list, you can directly apply or tweak around to fit your organisation current situation. You can find more details about these 9 steps here. 

[Infographic] 9 Steps to a Successful ERP Implementation

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