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Ferrari is a luxury carmaker company that sought to enhance the sophistication of its IT systems to better manage its internal processes and improve efficiency. The huge re-engineering of Ferrari’s processes required the right enterprise software, and Ferrari chose Infor.

The overhaul was extensive and involved manufacturing, supply chain, purchasing, finance, and global sales processes. The key implementation was Infor LN, one of the world’s market-leading ERP software. Additionally, other solutions, including Infor ION®, Infor Warehouse Mobility, and Infor Sales & Operations Planning, were also chosen.

"The implementation was quite successful - in line with our expectations," says Vittorio Boero, CIO of Ferrari. See him explain in more detail the successful relationship between Ferrari and Infor in the following video.

You can read more about the case study of Ferrari by clicking here.  

The Infor ERP LN differences

Infor ERP LN helps manufacturers improve, accelerate, and streamline the most complex manufacturing processes anywhere. More than 4,500 manufacturers trust Infor ERP LN to help improve, accelerate, and streamline the most complex manufacturing processes anywhere. When your manufacturing operation requires detailed tracking of millions of parts from thousands of sources worldwide from as-designed to as-maintained, you can rely on Infor ERP LN.

  • Easily change processes post-implementation to capitalise on market changes and speed innovation.
  • Quickly respond to last-minute customer changes with out-of-the-box best practices that enable just-in-time and in-line sequencing for made-to-order processes.
  • Predict financial results with confidence.
  • Complete visibility of products, enabling you to generate revenue from service and maintenance long after products ship.
  • Create unique product configurations visually (2D, 3D, photo renditions) without creating new item masters
  • Finite capacity resources planning with what-if analysis.


With Infor ERP LN, you get an ERP solution designed specifically for your industry right out of the box. Infor ERP LN continues to be developed jointly with industry experts to deliver industry best practices using standard packaged software, eliminating the need for costly customisations.

  • Single-instance, global ERP.
  • Designed for ETO, MTO, and complex product manufacturers.
  • Industry-specific KPI dashboards.
  • On-premise or cloud deployment.
  • Virtualised technology platform.
  • Available in 21 languages including Vietnamese.
  • Rules & regulations for 49 countries including Vietnam.

You can download an Infor LN brochure or request a free demo to see which ERP software is the best fit for your business.

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