How Cloud Computing Benefits Small and Medium-sized Companies

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We are living in the era where data is growing exponentially in volume, velocity, and variety, well beyond the capability of on-premises systems. The question raised among the small to medium-sized businesses is: What is a suitable, budget-friendly IT solution for this problem? Cloud Computing can be the solution to this predicament.

Cloud Computing is like credit cards to shopaholics: essential, convenient, flexible, and easy to use. This type of computing can play a vital part in your company and help you catch up with the global economic development.

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Cloud computing for SMEs

Cloud Computing is cost-effective

For SMEs, new hardware can be both expensive and time-consuming to set up. Software licenses are usually pricey as well. Cloud Computing alleviates these issues, eliminates the need for physical data centres or storages, and requires a very minimal amount of IT personnel to maintain.

Moreover, businesses can choose a suitable payment plan to further reduce the financial pressure. Enterprises don’t have to pay for software that isn’t used. Its pay-as-you-go pricing is similar to how you pay for your water or electricity bills each month, you pay for what you use.

Infographic: The economics of Cloud ERP at a glance

Cloud Computing is reliable and secured

When your data is in the cloud, it is secured, backed up frequently, and should be available to be reinstated anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to data loss due to power outages, equipment breakdowns or natural disasters because your data is stored safely and away from any possible threat.

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One of the concerns that you may think of is cybersecurity. The system is updated constantly along with the updates of new features and must go through series of strict verifications. All cloud activities will be monitored by third parties to ensure that all of the company’s information is guaranteed to be kept secret.

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Cloud Computing allows you to connect with the world

Cloud Computing is a powerful technology for SME owners, providing a smarter way to manage and control your business while on the go.  

Once you enable cloud connection, your employees can access data and applications anywhere, whether they are in the office, at a fine restaurant, in a hotel, or at the airport. You can use laptops, tablet, PCs, smartphones to work. Being able to access remotely through the internet is one of the leading reasons why many SMEs are turning to Cloud Computing.

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Your business is able to expand and cooperate with other partners from all over the world with completely no hardships. When everything is stored online, a dispersed workforce can share documents and work together which boost performance. Provided with real-time updates, project teams can connect and collaborate live. In case one of the team members unilaterally changed one of the files, the whole system will be updated and the team member will also be notified, and overall your customer response time is significantly improved.

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Prosper your business with the Cloud

The fast changes in technology today make you reconsider all the benefits that Cloud Computing brings to you and your business. To simply put it, Cloud Computing is a cost-effective and time-saving solution. Whether your business is large or small, you will definitely be able to utilise all the features and benefits that Cloud Computing offers.

Avoid disruptions, move to the cloud today!

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