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[Infographic] What Makes a Successful Team?

Posted by Khoa Tran on

Everyone knows all the great benefits that teams can bring to the organisation, including an improvement in the overall productivity, stimulate creativity and enhance employee engagement. Sadly, many organisations do not fully utilise their teams nor equip the team members with proper training to help them further develop.

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Four key ingredients that make a successful team

Many would think that high-performing teams are only necessary if you are competing in a sports game. Having said that, there are certainly many valuable talent management lessons we can all learn from top sports teams:

  • They all have one common goal in mind and are constantly working towards it together.
  • They are highly motivated and engaged.
  • A coach is always available to guide and inspire them.
  • They are frequently checked upon, and they are also very open to feedback.
  • If someone scores a goal, the whole team celebrates together.

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All the above factors can be applied to any team in a normal workplace. The infographic below can give you a clearer explanation of what are the essential factors that make a successful team.

Key ingredients that make a successful team


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