Professionalism in the Workplace – Do’s and Don’ts

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Each of us has our own definition of “professionalism.” More than just dressing appropriately according to the company’s policies or showing up for work on-time, professional work manners are also defined by your behavioural conduct and communication style at work.

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Professionalism in the workplace

Imagine yourself working with an individual that can produce high productivity but would put on a quite confronting attitude during teamwork or towards a customer, the chance that individual getting a promotion can be quite slim. 

Professionalism, under any circumstances, cannot be omitted from the workplace. It is the force that drives employee’s performance and is a source of reassurance to clients. Most workplaces usually establish professional standards and demand their staff to follow set rules at all times during work hours.

How to show your professionalism in the workplace? 

The below advice might come as basic principles that imprint in every employee’s mind, but sometimes, we tend to get caught up in our busy schedule or get too comfortable with the surrounding environment that’s when these conducts slip.

1. Do make it a priority to be on time

Make it a habit to be on time for every meeting, for work and deadlines. When you are well-known to be late for every event, your manager and colleagues would have the impression that you are not serious and you don’t value their time.

2. Do “think before you speak”

Choose your words wisely, and try your best to block out all the offensive words in a professional setting. Apply the “T.H.I.N.K” tactic before you speak:

  • T - Is it true?
  • H - Is it helpful?
  • I - Is it inspiring?
  • N - Is it necessary?
  • K - Is it kind?

3. Do offer assistance to your colleagues

A true professional is willing to help out his/ her colleagues in any way possible by sharing a piece of their wisdom, opinions or just simply by lending them an extra pair of hand.

4. Do stay positive

Constantly negativity can bring everybody down, and amidst of your hectic work schedule, positivity is certainly appreciated more. Furthermore, positivity is contagious and when you combine it with the ability to help those in need whenever possible, these two factors can help create harmony and boost collaboration in the workplace.

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5. Don't be a grump. Don’t gossip

Everybody has bad days, just don’t let it affects your work and those surrounding you. In addition, it may be tempting to discuss the latest rumours but gossiping can be damaging to your image and making you look like a middle school student. Therefore, try your best to avoid these two.

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6. Don't lie or hide your mistakes

Integrity is the cornerstone of professionalism. Dishonesty or hiding your mistakes not only makes you look bad but also can greatly affect your chance to advance or ruin other’s trust towards you.

Employee’s behaviour directly reflects on the reputation of the organisation. Improving each individual point made above in conjunction with dressing appropriate for your job, evoke politeness and present a general professional attitude can be your stepping stone to success.

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