Recruitment Automation: The 21st Century Way of Acquiring Talent

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Nowadays, recruitment teams have to deal with increasing demand for talent on top of the already massive workload. Technology is expected to offer tremendous advantages to the HR function to enhance and accelarate the recruitment process. 

What is Recruitment Automation?

What is Recruitment Automation?  

Recruitment automation utilises digital technologies to speed up the recruitment process, automate various tasks and workflows, enhance the productivity, while at the same time help the recruiters to save time, cost, and increase the overall quality of the talents.  

Recruitment automation is a subset of Human Capital Management (HCM), an enterprise solution used by companies to manage all elements of their workforce. Additionally, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is also an integral part of the recruitment automation process 

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How useful is it? 

Recruitment automation allows the recruiters and hiring managers to speed through various processes, which can otherwise be rather labour intensive, such as scanning the candidates’ resumes. This is incredibly useful for companies that deal with high volumes of candidates. For instance, in the Retail and F&B service industries, they apply automation to pre-screen a large number of applications.  

In addition, the recruiting team can’t just look for new candidates every time there is a new job opening. The profiles of past candidates offer valuable data that the recruiters should also take into account. Recruitment automation enables the recruiters to retract relevant data, thus, improving the quality of your hiring decisions. 

5 ways to automate the recruitment process 

Hiring managers and the recruiters have to combat the increasing demand for high-quality talent from the entire organisation as well as their own personal/ team KPIs. Leveraging automation and advanced technologies are the only way to do it all. 

Here are five subtle ways to automate the recruitment process.  

1. Resume screening 

Did you know, approximately 75% to 88% of resumes are unqualified? The majority of a recruiter’s time is spent on screening incoming CVs and portfolios, selecting only the most qualified ones based on a list of criteria drafted by both the recruiting managers and the team managers. This is a serious waste of resources as well as staff’s effort.  

Resume screening tools nowadays can be used in conjunction with the organisation’s applicant tracking system (ATS) to automate the entire process. The tools take note of the job requirements, the hiring criteria, and the candidates previous experiences to sort out the most highly qualified ones and select the suitable interview questions. 

Resume screening tools allow the recruiting team to save a significant amount of time which can be spent on other more important tasks, such as building brand image and nurturing talents.   

2. Mobile recruiting 

Utilising mobile recruiting apps is another great and easy way to automation. Many mobile apps today are both smart and easy-to-use. The recruiters can easily sort the candidates’ data/resumes, assess their backgrounds, manage the interview schedule, and many more. The added benefit is the hiring team can access the apps whenever they like, either online or offline. 

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3. Video interviews 

Video interviews have been around for a while but video interviews in today’s HR 4.0 era offer many cool functionalities. Modern HR personnel can make use of virtual meeting platforms, interview software which has a recording function, AI, and other advanced technologies integrated into it. 

What for, you may wonder? For instance, AI can pinpoint expression, the tone of voice, speech pattern of the candidates that the recruiters can’t notice right off the bat which then can help increase the accuracy of the hiring decisions. 

4. Implement a CRM system 

In our previous blog article, we have discussed the impacts of a Candidate Relationship Management system (CRM) on the overall candidate experience. CRM can also be used to automate various manual recruiting processes in addition to streamlining your talent pipeline.  

Furthermore, CRM can: 

  • Compile and store all candidate-related data in one place for ease of access 
  • Integrate with the other tools to help assess the candidates’ information more accurately  
  • Help arrange multiple interviews and notify upcoming meetings with potential interviewees or team members by using scheduling function or campus recruiting tools 

5. Email automation 

The recruiters have to interact with the numerous candidates a day, confirming an application or informing the unsuitable candidates. Thus, the recruiters will have more free time if the interaction with all candidates can be automated.   

The recruiters solely need to know what stage a specific candidate belongs to, then proceed to choose from the collection of email templates, use logical analysis to personalise every email and send away. All is done with just a few mouse clicks. 

Email automation is also useful for sending reminder emails to hiring managers or interview confirmations to the candidates.

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