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TRG Talk - How to Better Improve Your Project Management Skills in 2018

Posted by Phuong Nguyen on

On January 4th, the first TRG Talk on Project Management in 2018 took place with the topic “How to improve project management skills in 2018”. This is an opportunity for participants to review and update on new knowledge of new skills, especially for those who have already been a Project Manager or those who will soon become Project Managers.

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The overall atmosphere of the seminar was very exciting as attendees participated in discussing important and essential skills for project management. A variety of skills were listed such as time management, communication, human resource management, analysing and planning, problem-solving, etc. All participants discussed the pros and cons that each skill offers.

How to Better Improve Your Project Management Skills in 2018

10 key project management skills

The main speaker of this seminar was Mr. Brian O’Reilly - CEO of SEA Management Consulting - who has years of experience in project management, made a list of 10 project management skills that are essential to project managers:

1. Leadership

According to Brian, a good project leader is someone who has a good vision and the ability to express it clearly. In addition, leaders give people the opportunity to experience it themselves.

2. Team building

A good team builder is capable of turning a group of strangers into a solidarity group, proactively contributing to the group’s common goal. Leaders must also understand the different communication styles and behaviours of each team member to effectively manage them and build a strong team.

3. Motivation

This is the skill required to support not only the leaders but also the team members, to make them feel they are parts of the project.

4. Communication

An effective project manager is someone who can communicate with all levels and deliver his/her ideas and wishes clearly.

5. Influences

Brian stated that many people underestimate their influence in a group project. He thinks that influence is one of the most important elements that help members to meet the requirements and jobs given by leaders.

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6. Decision making

Decision making is essential because a good decision maker boosts results and performance of the group. This skill is not only needed for leaders but also for group members.

7. Political and Cultural awareness

Being culturally and politically aware is very important for each project as it will help leaders who are managing projects in each region and country easier.

8. Negotiation

Project teams need to work with many parties, therefore, possessing this skill will help not only for managers but also team members to be more flexible when negotiating on any issues of the project.

9. Conflict management

When conflict occurs, not only experience but also skills will help everyone to be more flexible in finding solutions.

10. Coaching

Working in a team means you have to work with different people, and you have to manage both your current team members as well as your newly recruited teammates. Brian emphasised that this is also a part of Communications because if one is not well instructed, it is very difficult to complete the job assigned on time. This is also one of the essential skills for team members in the project.

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Brian ended the seminar with a reminder that besides the above mentioned essential skills, computer software literacy is also important to support the project. He advised participants to spend time on both improving skills and learning additional supporting software when participating in the project.

About TRG Talk

TRG Talk is a series of events co-organised by TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam in order to promote the latest trends in the IT industry and the HR world, as well as tips and tricks in improving your project management skills.

About TRG Talk - Project Management

A good Project Manager must be able to identify problems and risks. He/ She also needs to know how to minimise these issues and is able to make the decision needed throughout the entirety of the project. Do you consider yourself a good project manager? Do you have the required skills and power to handle the situation and the people involved in your project?

TRG Talk: Project Management is a monthly meet up that allows managers to discuss in detail what it takes to become great at what you're doing. TRG Talk: Project Management takes place every first Thursday of the month.

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