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TRG Talk – Talent Management: Critical Thinking is Critical

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On June 27th, TRG held the TRG Talk - Talent Management with the topic "Critical Thinking - Achieving Business Goals", the final talk in the series “Leading Yourself”, hosted by Mr. Khoa Tran – Business Development Manager of Talent Management Department, TRG International. In this seminar, Mr. Khoa shared his experience with critical thinking skill to help the attendees to gain more confidence to achieve their goals in work and life.

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TRG Talk – Talent Management: Critical Thinking – Achieving Business Goals

Why critical thinking is important?

According to the Future of Jobs report conducted by the World Economic Forum in 2016, critical thinking skill is gradually becoming an important factor and is ranked in the top 10 skills needed (in 2015, this skill was ranked #4, and is estimated to reach #2 in 2020).

Having said that, what is critical thinking? It is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualising, applying, analysing, synthesising, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.

Benefits of having critical thinking

For individuals, critical thinking can help in increasing these skills:

  • Self-Awareness: The ability to analyse/realise your own emotion
  • Problem Solving: Solve the problem logically
  • Time Management
  • Collaboration: Being understanding and sympathetic
  • Communication: Listen/Speak promptly, communicate effectively
  • Innovation: Be open to new ideas, new solutions…

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For organisations, critical thinking can help individuals in improving other skills, including:

  • Coaching: understand the problem, analyse and organise thoughts when training others
  • Feedback: Understand the strength/weakness of others and describe them clearly, accurately using objective and constructive methods
  • Motivation: increase motivation and inspire people internally and externally
  • Discussion: think out of the box, analyse the issue in different directions objectively in discussions
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How do you promote critical thinking in your business?

Having the right people: You can start building critical thinking for your business by choosing/recruiting critically thinking individuals.                                                                                                                

At TRG, we offer various assessment tools to test the characteristics of each candidate to determine if this person is suitable for the selected job and the working environment.

Developing/Training the behaviours: By participating in training sessions, online courses, reading, and doing assessments can empower suitable training and development plan and nurture critical thinking for employees.

TRG Talk – Talent Management: Critical Thinking – Achieving Business Goals

For more photos from the Talk, please click HERE

About TRG Talk

TRG Talk is a series of events co-organised by TRG International and PJ’s Coffee Vietnam in order to promote the latest trends in the IT industry and the HR world, as well as tips and trick in improving your project management skills. 

About TRG Talk - Talent Management

Is your organisation caught in various problems revolve around talent management? Are you actively looking for ways to efficiently as well as effectively recruit and retain talented staff? TRG Talk - Talent series is a platform where all leaders can openly share their experience in managing talents, how to create and maintain a healthy working environment where everyone of any background, belief, and identity can work harmoniously.

TRG Talk - Talent is held every fourth Wednesday of the month.

TRG Talk Talent management July 2018 

Roger Schwarz - an organizational psychologist, speaker and the author of Smart Leaders, Smarter Teams - once said: "The mutual learning approach is a set of values and assumptions that guide how we act and leads to improved team performance, better working relationships, and more positive individual well-being."

So actually, a mutual-learning approach means improved results, superior team performance, better decisions, more innovation, decreased costs, increased trust, improved team relationships, enhanced well-being, and each person’s stronger commitment to the team and its goals. Nowadays, mutual learning is a fundamental aspect in transdisciplinary sustainability research and also one of the prerequisites for the creation of socially and culturally robust knowledge.

TRG Talk - Talent Management this month will help you organize mutual learning, knowledge integration and knowledge transfer among people from different disciplines, fields of action and societal domains. Join us and be a part of the discussion on “Mutual-Learning Approach for Building Productive Team”.

This event is limited to the first 20 people and FREE entrance, so hurry up and grab your seat!


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