7 Traits of High-Performance Leadership In Turbulent Times (Part 2)

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In the leadership position, everyone wants to be recognised as having high-performance leadership. It’s necessary to be aware of the aspects in which high-performance leadership is expressed.

In the last part, we have discussed the first four of them: Ways of thinking, Actions and Behaviour, Choices of words, and Action time. Now, let's examine the remaining three!

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7 Traits of High-Performance Leadership

The leader’s beliefs

To truly engage with the job, the leader needs to know his or her values and live up to them every day. This is a matter of "beliefs" as a human being. Understanding themselves as well as their "beliefs" will make it easy for the leaders to act with confidence and courage, generate positive results when investing in high-performance leadership.

In fact, great leaders believe that great results are the work of the whole team, not just solely from their leadership. From there, they know the necessity of empowering their people and then give their group the freedom to achieve goals in the best way they know. They do not criticise failure because they believe it is a part of the journey to success.

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The leader’s awareness of all aspects of leadership mastery

High-performance leaders require the ability to build confidence and courage. And there are four very important factors to identifying these abilities:

  • Self Acknowledge: leaders are encouraged to express themselves, become bold and passionate about their work, therefore, receiving personal success.
  • Technical Skills: It is intellectual stimulation, and is the solid foundation of professional knowledge.
  • Relationship Appreciation: Success can be achieved when leaders recognise the role of trust and inspiration from all parties involved in the business.
  • Business Mastery: It is essential to be financially successful and ethical. Leaders need to learn to be profound, practical, resourceful, and assertive in business.

Properly assessing these leadership mastery's factors will help leaders consciously invest time and energy to develop each factor and build confidence, beliefs, and courage for high-performance leadership.

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7 Traits of High-Performance Leadership

The leader’s understanding of the business change’s impact on leadership

The business world is always changing, never standing still. In order to face this constant change, there are five essential things to understand if leaders want to maintain their high-performance leadership:

  • Leaders must continually move beyond stability and challenge themselves - even if they have to go against what they have done in the past and what they know when they reach the leader position of the organisation.
  • Learning, changing and spiritual flexibility are considered to be important to leaders in this volatile business environment.
  • Leaders must know how to put their egos aside to make the right decision, whether it is to change. They need to find new data and check their decisions continuously.
  • Understanding the need to adjust budgets to fit the predictions in the business environment moving constantly. Change or die!
  • Learning to slow down to speed up - take the time to consider carefully before making decisions, thinking in a higher level is better than thinking fast.

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